New Democrat election interference is so blatant they can’t even hide it

Democrats love to claim that conservatives have engaged in election interference. But the tables have been turned.

And the Democrats’ election interference is so blatant they can’t even hide it.

Donald Trump is the clear favorite for the 2024 Presidential election.

However, Democrats across the nation are doing everything they can to oppose him and threaten America.

And now, many House Democrats have indicated that they would refuse to certify a 2024 election win from Trump because he is an “insurrectionist.”

They claim that the 14th Amendment would therefore cause Trump to be “ineligible” and thus would refuse to certify a win from him.

Some of these Democrat representatives include James Clyburn, Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and even House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies.

When asked if they would confirm Trump if elected in 2024, they refused to answer which is a clear as any words they could have uttered.

Democrats would have the votes to “sustain an objection to Trump” if they take the House.

Dan McLaughlin at National Review explained, “Only a simple majority is required, and unlike when the House chooses a president under the Twelfth Amendment, they don’t vote by states.”

He wrote that “unlike in 2016 or 2004, when they were in the minority, House Democrats could be playing with live ammunition.”

Thankfully, for there to be much impact at all, a majority of Senators would have to object to Trump’s win.

That would require likely 51 Senators which would be extremely hard for Democrats to do.

McLaughlin said they “either have to hold every seat they currently occupy (good luck in West Virginia), or take a Republican-held seat (the bluest of which is either Ted Cruz’s in Texas or Rick Scott’s in Florida).”

Many Americans still hold out hope that the Supreme Court could alleviate much of this uncertainty and unrest.

Oral arguments have already been heard in Trump v. Anderson which addresses the situation in Colorado where the state is attempting to keep Trump off the ballot.

If the Supreme Court is able to clarify the language of the 14th Amendment in their ruling, then there would be no chance of the Democrats being able to not certify a Trump win.

The oral arguments went well with almost every expert agreeing that things are going favorably for Trump.

Even the liberal justices on the Supreme Court do not seem to want to side with Colorado.

Justice Kagan even said, “The question that you have to confront is why a single state should decide who gets to be President of the United States.”

She continued and said, “It sounds awfully national to me … if you weren’t from Colorado, and you were from Wisconsin, or you were from Michigan, and what the Michigan secretary of state did is going to make the difference between whether candidate A is elected over Candidate B is elected? I mean that seems quite extraordinary.”

However, the Radical Left seems so stuck on opposing Trump that they are willing to admit to election fraud.

The hypocrisy is so shocking that Americans are speechless.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for more updates on this story and more.

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