Shocking development in Fani Willis case has experts stunned

The situation in Fulton County has been escalating over the past few weeks. But things just took a massive turn.

And a shocking development in the Fani Willis case has experts stunned.

This past Friday, a bombshell report was dropped that completely contradicts what Fani Willis and Nathan Wade have been swearing under oath.

The report shows that Willis and Wade had met dozens of times at Willis’ home before he was hired for the case.

However, Willis and Wade have both testified the exact opposite and claimed that they did not spend time at Willis’ house at that their romantic relationship did not begin until after Wade was hired.

Both Wade and Willis also claimed they never spent a night together at Willis’ home, however, cell data shows Wade came to her home late at night and left the next morning on at least two occasions.

Journalist Megyn Kelly said, “Stunning that Team Trump got their hands on this in the #FaniWillis case,” in her response to the discovery.

She added, “More evidence that these two prosecutors lied, under oath. They’re looking at perjury charges and worse. Discipline from the Bar. And there is zero chance they can stay on this case. It’s DONE.”

Another major figure, Phil Holloway who is an attorney and legal analyst, also commented on the report.

He said, “It’s not how many times Wade ‘visited’ #FaniWillis, it’s that they both testified he ‘never spent the night[.]’ ‘his phone left the East Cobb area just after midnight and arrived [at] the Dogwood address at 12:43 A.M on November 30, 2021. The phone remained there until 4:55 am.”

Holloway wrote on X, “Is this wordplay and semantics? Or is this perjury? At worst it’s perjury, at best the testimony is misleading.”

“Either way the judge would be justified to find this to be part of a fraud on the court. This is very dangerous legal territory for these two,” he added. “They just keep digging.”

Another legal expert, Jonathan Turley, said, “We are still awaiting a response from Willis so this is only one side. However, it could put Willis’s combative testimony into sharp relief as she declared ‘It’s a lie. It’s a lie‘ on the stand.”

“If the court believes that Willis and Wade lied on the stand, he could refer the matter for possible prosecution…by some other office. He could also consider a referral to the bar. Once again, the insistence on Willis and Wade that they remain in the case is troubling,” he added.

The reality of the situation seems grim for Fani Willis and her legal case.

She has been clearly caught in a massive lie and should be at the very least disqualified immediately.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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