Dangerous woke AI is spreading information so false and harmful it makes CNN look tame

Fake news and misinformation is something the Left is amazing at. But now things have been taken to a terrifying level.

And dangerous woke AI is spreading misinformation so false and harmful it makes CNN look mild.

The spread of misinformation by the Left has been a dangerous trend that has been increasing in momentum recently.

And with the rise of AI, things are only going to get worse.

Most recently, users discovered the infamously “woke” tool of the Radical Left, Google Gemini, has been spreading shocking lies about conservatives.

The bias against conservatives can be felt in almost every single conversation, and a line has certainly been crossed.

One such horrifying example is when users ask Gemini if there are differences between Hitler and conservative figures such as politicians or journalists.

One such instance shows Gemini struggling to make a distinction between Hitler and Chris Rufo.

Other examples show Gemini unable to distinguish between joke social media accounts and Stalin who ended the lives of over 9 million people.

Other users have taken to X to show examples of Gemini being unable to say who was worse, Jesus or Hitler:

The Liberal bias comes through clearly when introducing Democrat and Leftist figures.

When asking the same type of question, Gemini says it is “inappropriate” to compare Hitler and Obama, but comparing Elon Musk and Hitler is “complex” and “requires careful consideration.”

Gemini also refused to admit that an “adult human female” is a woman and other outrageous examples.

In a time when the Radical Left seems so focused on silencing the voice of truth among conservatives, they are perfectly content to let AI spread false news that is extremely harmful.

The Radical Left continues to use tools such as Gemini and other AI to twist the truth and push their narrative on the public.

We cannot sit back idly and allow this to continue any longer.

We must address this severe issue now before it is too late.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politic.s

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