Liberal state betrayed because of their own Radical policies

The Radical Left is always passing laws that are extremely radical and harmful. But they never expected this to happen.

And a liberal state was betrayed because of their own Radical policies.

A referendum to overturn California’s failed police reform measures has garnered significant support from residents, which lawmakers say is imperative to pass in order to restore public safety across the state.

Proposition 47, which became law in 2014, reclassified several felonies as misdemeanors including retail and property theft, in addition to a wide range of drug possession convictions.

The Democratic law was introduced as an effort to reduce incarcerations.

However, the Radical effort has only significantly increased crime due to a lack of accountability for criminals.

According to the amendments to Prop 47, repeated thefts for individuals who steal less than $950 will be felony charges as long as they have two or more prior theft-related conditions. They are currently considered misdemeanors.

Furthermore, it would allow the total value of stolen property from many crimes to be put together, which could result in repeat offenders being charged with felonies if the total exceeds $950.

Numerous convictions for drug possession that were formerly felonies were also reduced to misdemeanors.

If approved, it will make selling lethal dosages of fentanyl illegal and add it to the list of narcotics that are illegal to possess with a firearm, along with heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

Additionally, drug traffickers may be charged with murder if their actions cause deaths.

This would make it possible to punish dealers more severely if their trafficking caused a fatality or severe damage.

The Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act is the name of the amendment that will be presented as an initiative on the state ballot in November.

Since then, the initiative has garnered a great deal of support; Californians have signed over 900,000 petitions in favor of it, significantly beyond the 500,000 signatures needed to be on the ballot.

Progressive lawmakers and district attorneys from both political parties have also endorsed the reform bills.

According to Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho, who backed the initiative, Golden State citizens waited in line for hours to sign the petition.

According to a Fox News report, Ho said, “That’s how popular it is. That’s the sentiment of people, and it’s across all spectrums.”

He added that the push “cuts across party lines and cuts across racial lines, social and economic lines. It’s small businesses, big businesses, everyday people” who are “passionate” about the efforts happening.

This bipartisan support shows just how crippling the Radical Left’s agenda is, and it highlights that even though the media tries to make it seem like Americans love the Left, this could not be further from the truth.

We must learn from the past and we cannot elect leaders who will harm America instead of improving it.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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