Joe Biden hit with staggering report that has left him and Democrats terrified

The Radical Left has been trying to keep their stranglehold over America for years now. But things are not going according to their plan.

And now Joe Biden has been hit with a staggering report that has left him and the Democrats terrified.

Joe Biden and the Left have trapped America under their iron fist and are forcing everyone to obey their Radical Agenda.

But while the Left has been successful in destroying this country, they have quickly found out that most Americans hate what they are doing and are now starting to fight back.

Under Joe Biden’s “leadership,” the economy has gone into the toilet, our border security is nonexistent, crime has skyrocketed, the quality of life for millions of Americans is the worst it has ever been, and yet the Radical Left refuses to act on any of this.

Instead of passing bills that will improve the lives of American citizens, it seems like the Left has been passing only bills that hurt Americans and benefit foreigners.

Many of the recent bills from the Left have given free lodging, food, clothing, etc. to illegal immigrants living in this nation all while the average American family struggles with the same things because of Joe Biden.

Other bills see hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars going into foreign countries instead of re-investing into America’s future.

And now, according to a recent poll, the majority of Americans think that what the US is spending on overseas aid is excessive.

This comes as the US Congress just recently authorized a foreign aid package worth $95 billion that will be paid by taxpayers and given to Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine.

In a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 57% of prospective US voters expressed the opinion that US government spending on international aid is excessive.

In contrast, 23% of respondents felt that the level of foreign spending was about right, while 10% of respondents indicated that it is not enough.

The question the survey asked was, “In general, does the US government spend too much or not enough for foreign aid? Or is the amount of foreign aid spending about right?”

During the period of April 16–18, 1,126 likely US voters participated in the nationwide survey. The sampling error for the margin is +/- 3.

Following a vote in the House on Saturday morning, the $95 billion foreign aid package was passed, and on Tuesday night, the US Senate followed suit.

Israel will get $26 billion, Taiwan will get $8 billion, and Ukraine will receive $61 billion.

Notably, the poll’s results indicate that the US supports funding Israel more than it does Ukraine.

Three questions were asked: two asked about voters’ opinions on spending money in Israel and Ukraine separately, and one asked about total support to foreign countries.

Republicans in particular have voiced dissatisfaction with Congress’s distribution of billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign nations while the border remains unsecured to halt illegal immigration, making foreign aid a divisive topic among American voters.

Congress came under fire for approving the plan even though it did not include money for US southern border security measures.

This election year, the border has become a major concern for Americans.

Rather than supporting the US border, the package gave $300 million to the police and border officials in Ukraine.

How much longer will we allow the Radical Left to steal our money, neglect our country, and give our resources to countries halfway across the world?

We must elect leaders who will prioritize the health and safety of our own nation first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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