Kamala Harris’ newest remarks have people disgusted and scratching their heads

Like the president, Kamala Harris cannot help but make some of the most outrageous comments ever. But now, this recent incident takes the cake.

Because Kamala Harris’ newest remarks have people disgusted and confused.

Kamala Harris has reiterated her belief that people should not be imprisoned for merely consuming marijuana; this is a very different stance from the one she took when she was the district attorney for San Francisco.

Mercury News reports that Harris oversaw 1,956 convictions connected to cannabis during her tenure as a prosecutor in the Bay Area.

On Thursday, Harris discussed the measures the Biden administration has done to increase the number of people with criminal histories who can apply for Pell grants and small business loans during a roundtable discussion for Second Chance Month.

She highlighted the federal government’s record on both fronts, particularly with regard to those with marijuana-related criminal histories.

“Many Americans who have served their time still face obstacles to their success, and one way for us to remove some of those other obstacles is to issue pardons and commutations,” she said.

She stated, “We have pardoned all people for federal convictions for simple marijuana possession.”

“I just don’t think people should have to go to jail for smoking weed, and these pardons have been issued as an extension of that approach,” she added.

Harris stated that the US needed to be “smarter” about redemption before handing the reins to special guest Kim Kardashian.

In a post published on X five days prior, Harris marked 4/20 by stating that “we must change our nation’s approach to marijuana while reforming the justice system so it finally lives up to its name.” Many were quick to point out her inconsistency.

Frontlines contributor Savanah Hernandez took to X to write, “Kamala posting this like she didn’t build her entire career off of jailing people for this very thing.”

Another user pointed out that Kamala Harris “sent them there.”

Though it’s unclear when a decision will be made, Forbes reports that the Drug Enforcement Agency is reportedly thinking of moving marijuana from its current Schedule I status as a controlled narcotic to Schedule III status.

The American people have been quick to point out the hypocrisy of Harris and they are frustrated with her incompetence and lack of honesty.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made comments that make no sense or are completely hypocritical to their past views and beliefs.

How much longer will America keep electing leaders who refuse to abide by the values and morals that this great nation was founded on?

We must hold these politicians accountable for their actions, and we cannot sit idly by as they push their Radical agendas on the world.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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