Major Democrat backstabs Biden with stunning resignation demand

Joe Biden is the most incompetent and useless president in American history. And Kamala Harris is even worse as a VP.

Now a major Democrat backstabs Biden with stunning resignation demand.

New polls are showing that most people think Joe Biden is too old to serve another term as President.

To many, that fact seems obvious; if re-elected, Joe Biden would be 82 and 86 when his term was complete.

Even, now, at 80 years old, many think he is too old to be their President.

However, it is not just the age that makes people want Biden and Harris to quit.

They have both proven their incompetence and inability to lead anything much less the greatest country in the world.

Now even Democrats are calling for Biden and Harris to quit yet refuses to acknowledge why.

A Washington Post reporter has stated that “President Biden should not run again in 2024,” and further went on to say “I don’t think Biden and Vice President Harris should run for reelection.”

However, the same reporter stated that Biden has a “remarkable string of wins” and “with an unexpectedly steady hand, he passed some of the most important domestic legislation in recent decades.”

I am not sure who in the world this reporter might be thinking of, but it surely cannot be Biden.

And yet, a major question arises from this reporter’s statement: if Joe Biden is so amazing, why are you calling for him to not run again?

A number of Democrats recently have been saying very similar things where they call for Biden and Harris to not run again while praising them at the same time.

They refuse to acknowledge his age being a problem or his incompetency.

Joe Biden cannot even describe America in one word, and his speeches are getting harder to understand every day.

In the previous reporter’s article, he cited a report that shows over 77% of the public thinks Biden is “too old to be effective for four more years.”

Yet, the reporter himself refused to state he believed Biden would be too old, instead saying the public thinks that Biden is too old.

Another major liability for Democrats is Kamala Harris.

Many Democrat leaders regret the decision to have Kamala Harris as the Vice President in the 2020 election and view her now as a major liability.

She is far less popular than Biden even, and she is a main reason why Biden’s poll numbers are plunging.

With a 39.5% approval rating, Harris is taking away potential votes from Joe Biden in Democrat’s eyes.

Many on the left think if Biden could find a stronger running mate, then he would have stronger chances, but they also hesitate to publicly endorse Biden and also hesitate to publicly mention his age.

The left cannot make up their mind publicly, but their actions seem to be clear: they do not want Joe Biden, and he is too weak to lead.

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