Fani Willis’s history of abuse surfaces for all to see

Ever since Trump’s indictment, Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s actions have come under question. And a number of things are downright despicable.

And Fani Willis’s history of abuse surfaces for all to see.

A former Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, who stands trial for conspiring to commit election fraud alongside of Trump, has bashed Fani Willis recently and noted a number of “troubling practices.”

On Wednesday, Powell filed for her Georgia racketeering case to be dismissed citing these “troubling practices” as reasons why.

Powell was accused of “conspiring to commit election fraud” in Coffee County yet has shown sufficient proof that neither she nor any on the Trump team have committed any fraud.

She is specifically accused of “plotting to breach” a voting machine, yet Powell claims that the “breach” was authorized by local authorities.

In the filing, Powell wrote, “As the state well knows, Coffee County officials authorized SullivanStricklerLLC to image the voting systems on January 7, 2021.”

She further goes on to write that “Counsel is aware of the troubling practice of the District Attorney’s office not to file written responses.”

Powell is referring to the bad habit that DA Fani Willis has of not filing written responses, and she has asked the court to compel her to do so.

“Given the importance and seriousness of the issues raised here, Ms. Powell requests that the Court order the State to file a written response.”

Not filing written responses is not the only troubling practice surrounding Fani Willis.

Since even before the indictment was announced, there have been a large number of troubling issues surrounding the Fulton County DA.

Before the grand jury had even finished deliberating in the case, the DA’s office published a post that laid out the exact decision the grand jury would eventually come to.

It seems extremely fishy and almost like a setup.

It paints the Judicial branch as corrupt and phony, and it concerns many people that the DA office “knew” what the decision was before the grand jury had even finished deliberating.

The entire situation has been a hoax, and it merely the left’s attempt at stopping Trump from returning to office.

They know that Trump has the approval and vote of the people, yet the “party of the people” is so anti-American and anti-democratic that they are doing everything they can to thwart Trump.

The left does not care how illegal or corrupt their moves are, only that they destroy America.

America deserves better than this.

America deserves a party in charge that will act justly and rightly and not one that seeks to imprison its political opponents.

Stay tuned to Prudent politics as we bring you the TRUTH the left will not.

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