General Milley just turned Trump’s trial upside down with one sentence

The left has been trying to tear Trump down for years. They are using other key figures’ lies to discredit him.

And now General Milley just turned Trump’s trial upside down with one sentence.

General Mark Milley is retiring in two weeks, and because of that has been doing a number of interviews with major outlets to spread more lies and accusations.

One major statement he made in an interview with CNN, was that he never pushed Donald Trump to attack Iran.

He claimed that “It didn’t happen,” and completely denied any attempt at framing him in that way.

The accusation was first brought up in regard to the Mar-a-Lago indictment where Trump claimed a certain senior military leader (who was later identified as Milley) pushed him to attack “Country A” (later identified as Iran).

Gen. Milley said, “I don’t know the document they’re talking about” in response to the allegations.

However, Mark Meadows’s new book claims quite the opposite.

“The president recalls a four-page report typed up by Mark Milley himself. It contained the general’s own plan to attack Iran.”

Milley claimed that “That part of it didn’t happen… I can assure you I know what I’ve done, and it’s not to recommend an attack on Iran.”

Others have come to Gen. Milley’s aid saying that they believe his account of the story.

Rep. Mike Turner said “Well, of course I believe him. I mean, the has great credibility, and I’ve been with him in meetings concerning Iran.”

Whether or not Milley is telling the truth, it is certainly interesting that he waited so long to come forth with his side of the story.

Trump’s claims are from months ago, yet Milley has waited until right before his retirement to speak out at all against the accusation.

The left is using any and every means they are able to discredit and attack Donald Trump.

They cannot seem to believe anything he says, and are using allies, rivals, reporters, etc. just to discredit and accuse him.

Since weaponizing the Judicial system, the left has shown that there is nothing they aren’t willing to do and that there is no “taking it too far” in their eyes.

The Radical Left will stop at nothing to stop Donald Trump from ever seeing the White House ever again.

They have made it clear that they do not care about democracy or what the people vote for/want; they are doing everything they can to lock Trump up.

Americans are sick of the weaponization that the left has been doing in recent years, and instead want a leader and an administration who cares about them.

Whether or not you believe General Milley, his timing is certainly questionable as he waited so long until it would directly contradict Trump’s indictment account.

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