Karine Jean-Pierre is in hot water again after being hit with one simple question

The White House press secretary has been lying to the American people ever since she took the job. Many people hoped something would change.

But Karine Jean-Pierre is in hot water again after being hit with one simple question.

Since Hunter Biden investigations have started, Karine Jean-Pierre has been attempting to cover for Joe Biden and lying to the American people in the process.

Since the beginning, KJP’s story has changed multiple times in attempts to keep up with Joe Biden’s incompetencies and lies.

At first, KJP insisted that Biden didn’t even know about his son’s business dealings, but once evidence came out proving otherwise, she changed her story to say that he wasn’t involved with his son’s dealings.

Now, after an impeachment inquiry has been opened regarding Joe Biden, KJP is scrambling to once again chance her narrative to fit Joe Biden’s story.

Now her competency and honesty has come into question again as she has refused to answer reporters questions.

A reporter asked a question regarding Joe Biden’s potential business dealings and involvement with Hunter and his foreign business deals.

Instead of even answering or trying to argue back, the White House press secretary just walked away and left the podium.

The White House press secretary’s job is to keep the public informed regarding the dealings of the White House, yet KJP chose instead to ignore a question and leave without answering anything else.

The question was, “Can you explain why the president interacted with so many of his son’s foreign associates? More than half of voters told CNN they believe the President was involved and lied! You can’t have a response to that Karine?”

This is an extremely important question that countless American’s want to know the answer to.

We also want to know, was Joe Biden just flat out lying or is his brain so messed up that he truly didn’t remember? At this point in time, it is extremely hard to tell.

A New York Post journalist took to twitter to express her frustration saying, “Never an answer.”

More and more people are becoming increasingly more frustrated with the White House press secretary as she refuses to answer more and more legitimate and important questions.

Once comedian commented on the issues saying, “KJP runs away from questions about Biden working with Hunter’s business associates… And the fact that Americans believe Joe to be a complete liar.”

Many people feel the same way. What point is a press secretary if they refuse to answer questions that are important that the public demands an answer to?

This is not the first time that KJP has refused to answer basic questions from reporters.

She has increasingly stopped answering any questions of value and more often than not points reporters to another person.

The incompetence in every office in the White House is becoming increasingly more frustrating and Americans are demanding answers.

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