The White House is in complete chaos after being hit with a devastating new report

Joe Biden and his staff are barely able to keep up with their scandals. Now another one has been added to the list.

And the White House is in complete chaos after being hit with a devastating new report.

Joe Biden has been trying to convince Americans that his handling of the economy has been nothing but stellar since he took office.

However, anyone with half of a brain or eyes can see that is just completely untrue.

Joe Biden keeps touting his “Bidenomics” and claiming that the White House is handling inflation and fixing the economy.

However, inflation has jumped in August and gas prices have skyrocketed.

The consumer price index rose by 0.6 compared with the previous month and three times the monthly rate in July.

Compared with just a year ago, the consumer index is up 3.7%.

The sharp rise in inflation concerns many Americans regarding the Federal Reserve’s handling of the matter.

Many are also worried that this recent report will lead to yet another hike in Federal Interest rates.

Regardless of one’s political affiliations, it is hard to live right now.

Prices of everything only continue to rise, and we have a president who refuses to admit anything is wrong and continues to give hundreds of billions of dollars away to foreign countries while completely neglecting the needs of Americans.

The rising cost in energy prices as Biden tries to shove green energy down everyone’s throat has affected the everyday lives of Americans.

The sharp increase in gas prices has in turn caused the worst monthly inflation increase since June of 2022.

So far, the Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to help Americans, and it is clear that the current administration is the most anti-American administration we have seen maybe ever.

Joe Biden has continuously lied to the American people that he is handling the inflation and the economy.

He has flaunted his success in the face of Americans losing wealth and struggling to pay simple bills.

While Joe Biden and his administration are enjoying an easy life, the average American is struggling to put gas in their car or food on their table.

Joe Biden needs to go. It is far past time America had a president who cared about them.

Instead, we have a president that continues to open the border to illegals and criminals and is annihilating the economy.

Even thought the left wants to claim that Trump is a terrible person, at least Americans could live a normal life under him.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we continue to bring you the TRUTH the left won’t.

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