Major group fact-checks Biden’s shocking lies and exposes the administration’s dark secrets

Joe Biden, his administration, and the entire Radical Left are full of ridiculous lies. And many of them are dangerous.

But now a major group has called Biden out and exposed the entire administration.

In a dramatic rebuke to President Joe Biden’s claims during the first presidential debate that the Border Patrol had endorsed him, the Border Patrol Union has firmly clarified that they have never and will never endorse Biden. This statement came in response to Biden’s comments about his administration’s handling of border security and asylum officers.

During the debate, Biden asserted that his administration had significantly increased the number of asylum officers and that the Border Patrol supported his position on border security.

This statement was immediately contested by the Border Patrol Union. The union took to social media to make their stance unequivocally clear, posting, “To be clear, we never have and never will endorse Biden.”

Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Union, appeared on Fox News to directly address Biden’s misleading debate claim and his administration’s border policies.

“The border can be secured tomorrow if we would go back, and we would look at the policies that were in place that President Trump built. They were great policies,” Judd stated, underscoring the effectiveness of the previous administration’s approach to border security.

Vice President of the Border Patrol Union, Art Del Cueto, also voiced his disbelief and frustration over Biden’s claims. Speaking on the same broadcast network, Del Cueto said, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It shocked me when you hear this administration, to begin with, say the border was secure then ignore it for several years. But this one was a new one for me.”

Biden’s attempt to downplay the number of terrorists crossing the border during the debate also drew sharp criticism from Del Cueto. He accused the administration of either lying about or being unaware of the current border situation.

“This administration, they’ll lie about what’s happening at the border or they won’t realize that it’s actually happening. It’s one of the two and it’s upsetting to see it because the country is suffering from it,” Del Cueto remarked.

Del Cueto highlighted the recent incident involving a Haitian migrant who had entered the country illegally and subsequently raped a 15-year-old disabled girl in Boston, only to be released on a $500 bail.

“You continue to hear these cases pop up. One after another,” Del Cueto explained. “Because this administration has allowed so many individuals to just claim asylum and get released, it’s going to continue to happen.”

He emphasized that while securing the border is crucial, it is equally important to address the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country, some of whom pose significant threats.

Del Cueto warned, “We are going to see many, many more stories like this come in the near future because no one is doing anything about it.”

The Border Patrol Union’s strong rebuttal underscores the significant gap between the administration’s claims and the reality on the ground.

Biden’s policies, they argue, have led to an unprecedented surge in illegal immigration, endangering American communities and overwhelming Border Patrol resources.

The union’s stance also reflects a broader dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of immigration among law enforcement and many Americans across the nation.

The Biden administration’s approach, which includes rolling back many of Trump’s effective border policies, has been widely criticized for creating a crisis at the southern border. The administration’s attempts to portray these policies as successful are seen by many as disingenuous and disconnected from the realities faced by border communities and law enforcement.

Biden’s debate performance and subsequent fallout have only intensified these criticisms. Many Republicans argue that the president’s cognitive abilities and overall fitness for office are in question, further undermining his credibility on critical issues like border security.

This latest episode, where Biden’s claims were quickly debunked by the very people on the front lines, adds to the growing list of controversies and missteps that have characterized his presidency.

As the administration continues to navigate these challenges, the divide between its rhetoric and the actual situation at the border remains a significant point of contention. The Border Patrol Union’s response is a stark reminder of the administration’s struggles to maintain credibility and effectively manage the complex issues surrounding immigration and border security.

President Biden’s misleading debate claims about Border Patrol endorsement have been thoroughly debunked by the union itself, highlighting the ongoing crisis at the border and the administration’s failure to address it effectively.

This incident is yet another example of the growing disconnect between the Biden administration’s narrative and the reality faced by those charged with securing America’s borders. As the 2024 election approaches, these issues will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in the national discourse.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this developing story.

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