Biden administration makes a terrifying border decision that will affect us all

The Biden administration has handled the border crisis terribly. And right now they seem to be trying to make things worse.

Because the Biden administration has made a terrifying border decision that will affect us all.

In a horrifying and shocking move that has sparked significant controversy, dozens of migrants involved in a violent riot at the border near El Paso, Texas, in March have been released into the United States by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This incident raises critical concerns about border security, immigration enforcement, the policies of the current administration, and highlights the failures of the DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

On March 21, a group of over 200 illegal immigrants stormed the border near El Paso, clashing with Texas National Guardsmen who were defending the area.

The confrontation, captured on video, showed the migrants violently attempting to breach the border, leading to chaotic scenes of conflict.

In May, an El Paso judge dismissed criminal charges against all the involved migrants, resulting in their release from state custody and subsequent handover to ICE.

According to reports, ICE has since released 43 of these migrants into the United States. This decision has been met with widespread criticism, particularly from those advocating for stricter immigration controls.

An ICE spokesperson defended the agency’s actions, stating that release decisions are made on a “case-by-case basis.”

The spokesperson explained, “ERO [Enforcement and Removal Operations] officers make decisions on associated enforcement actions and apply prosecutorial discretion, where applicable, in a responsible manner, informed by their experience as law enforcement professionals and in a way that best protects the communities we serve.”

However, a Homeland Security source suggested that ICE’s standards are arbitrary and highlighted the agency’s struggles to deport migrants swiftly enough due to limited resources.

“Sometimes we arrest a child molester and he gets released because of housing space. Or the charge is not egregious enough to keep him or her in custody,” the source revealed.

Of the migrants involved in the riot:

43 have been released into the U.S.
32 are in ICE custody pending court hearings.
105 are in detention awaiting deportation.
43 have been successfully deported.

The release of these individuals has raised alarms among Americans who argue that such leniency undermines the rule of law and endangers public safety.

Following the riot, Texas authorities identified nine migrants as leaders of the riot, intending to file felony rioting charges.

However, two of these individuals were released by Border Patrol before charges could be filed. Texas authorities managed to apprehend one, but the other remains at large.

In response to the riot, Texas has armed soldiers and state troopers on the border with non-lethal pepper ball guns to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators have been vocal in their condemnation of the Biden administration’s handling of this situation. They argue that the decision to release these migrants reflects a broader failure of the administration’s immigration policies.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the administration, saying, “This is what happens when you have an administration that refuses to enforce our immigration laws. It’s a slap in the face to law-abiding citizens and a clear signal to would-be illegal immigrants that they can break our laws with impunity.”

The release of these migrants underscores a larger debate about the efficacy and direction of U.S. immigration policy under President Biden. Critics argue that the administration’s approach has led to increased illegal immigration, strained resources, and compromised public safety.

The El Paso incident and its aftermath are indicative of a perceived leniency that many believe invites further illegal crossings and undermines the efforts of law enforcement at the border.

For those advocating for stronger immigration enforcement, the actions taken by ICE in this instance are seen as part of a troubling pattern of inadequate response to illegal immigration.

The actions of the Biden administration and its impact on border security will undoubtedly remain a focal point of political discourse as the nation heads into the 2024 election season.

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