Mayorkas impeachment proceedings uncover horrifying new truths regarding Laken Riley’s murder

While the Left tries to deny that anything is wrong with the border, American lives are in danger. But this recent discovery could change everything.

And the Mayorkas impeachment proceedings have uncovered horrifying new truths regarding Laken Riley’s murder.

On Thursday, Senator Josh Hawley questioned Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, in the US Senate, holding him accountable for the entry of Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, into the country.

Ibarra is accused of killing Laken Riley, a nursing student from Georgia.

Ibarra was only freed into the United States, according to Hawley, because there wasn’t enough room for custody at the border.

In essence, he explained, Ibarra entered the country in September 2022, crossed paths with US Border Patrol in El Paso, “and was paroled into the United States due to lack of detention capacity.”

This, according to Hawley, is “a proviso, a rule that is not permitted under the statute.”

He charged Mayorkas with lying to other congressmen and senators regarding the policies, the border, and the case.

Hawley went on to add that Ibarra showed up for a biometric appointment on July 19, 2023, and was fingerprinted.

He said, “July 19, 2023, Ibarra reports for a biometric appointment and was fingerprinted. This is now in New York. The results come back and indicate he has a criminal history. So he’s in this country. He has a criminal history. September 14: he is arrested in New York by NYPD for what? For injuring a child.”

Hawley continues: “He is arrested for injuring a child. What happens, the offense was never prosecuted, and the arrest was expunged and— reading right out of the profile— expunged. Nothing is done to this guy.”

Hawley then pointed out how ridiculous it was that having entered illegally into the country and also had criminal charges, nothing was done against Ibarra.

“He had a criminal record to start with. He’s in the country on illegal grounds. You have falsely and illegally allowed him in. He commits a crime against a child: he’s not prosecuted, it’s expunged. In November, Ibarra filed an Application for Employment Authorization, and unbelievably on December the 9, 2023, it’s approved.”

“So this is your policies and action. Mr. Secretary, a criminal is permitted into this country on ground flatly not permitted, flatly contradictory to the statute,” said Senator Hawley.

“He commits a crime against a child and then gets a work permit. He gets a work permit. You want to know why all of the jobs in the last two or three years have gone to illegal migrants? Working people in this country can’t get a job, their unemployment rates high why, because of things like this, and then once you do well, we all know, then in February, he commits the heinous crime against Lincoln Riley. Is this a record that you are proud of?” he added.

This interrogation follows Mayorkas’s escape from an impeachment hearing in the Senate, which declined to consider the articles after they were presented by the House, and coincides with the ongoing spike in illegal immigration during the Biden administration.

Ibarra is an undocumented immigrant from Venezuela who entered the country with his wife and child and traveled to New York City.

Ibarra’s wife said in a post-murder interview that they were married in order to pool their asylum requests.

After arriving in New York, he rode a moped with a child without the child’s helmet on, which led to his arrest on suspicion of endangering the child.

After the lawsuit was dropped, Ibarra traveled to Georgia by himself, leaving his family behind, to live with his brother and work at the University of Georgia on fake documents.

Here, he allegedly saw nursing student Laken Riley and killed her as she was going for a run close to her house.

Biden has come under fire for permitting such a crime to occur due to his open border policies.

In addition to Ibarra’s release into the United States, Biden has designated Venezuela as one of the nations from which 30,000 additional undocumented immigrants are allowed entry each month.

Yet, the Radical Left continues to deny that there are any problems, and they refuse to protect the lives of American citizens.

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