New breaking report details massive development in Trump’s NY case

News from the NY case has been slim at best as the trial is only in the beginning stages. But what has been reported on has outraged millions of Americans.

And now, a new breaking report has detailed a massive development in Trump’s NY case.

The Radical Left hates Trump and they are doing everything they can to silence him and stop him from speaking the truth.

And now that the polls are showing a massive shift among key voters who are turning to Trump, Democrats know that they have to change something up if they want to keep the White House.

So instead of campaigning on different promises or actually passing laws that help America, they have decided the best course of action is to weaponize the justice system.

They are doing so in order to silence any political rivals who disagree with them, and millions of Americans are worried about what could come next.

As seen so far in Trump’s other cases, the Left has been making the most absurd and ridiculous claims regarding conservative Americans and especially Donald Trump.

But now, they have taken things even further in Trump’s newest criminal trial in New York.

Currently, the trial is in the very beginning stages of selecting a jury, however, that is proving to be extremely difficult.

Many of the jurors the Left has brought forth are biased heavily against Donald Trump and they seem to be as Radical as the people bringing these charges against him.

And recently, another juror was removed from the Donald Trump New York panel on Thursday following the revelation that the juror had previously been arrested for vandalizing right-leaning political advertisements.

Following this dismissal, there are now currently five jurors sworn in.

Juror #4 in DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump involving forged business paperwork was chosen on Tuesday, according to Fox News, and was later discharged by Judge Juan Merchan on Thursday.

According to a prosecutor from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, the individual was detained in Westchester, New York in the 1990s for destroying right-leaning political advertisements.

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass stated, “I actually believe the propaganda that was being ripped down was political posters that were on the right — the political right.”

Following further investigation, Steinglass reported that it also seemed the juror’s wife was involved in or had been charged with a “corruption inquiry” in the past, necessitating a “deferred prosecution agreement with the district attorney’s office.”

When asked if they or a loved one had ever been arrested on the jury selection form, potential jurors chose not to reveal this information.

The dismissal occurred after the woman, who was dismissed, told the judge that she no longer believed she could be unbiased and that she was afraid her identity as a juror would be discovered.

So if the juror had not revealed that she could not be unbiased, then the Left would have succeeded in convicting Trump because of a biased jury.

We must be wary of the schemes of the Left.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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