New report has exposed the Radical Left’s terrifying plan for America

America is no longer the amazing country it once was. And it is all because of the Left’s horrible leadership.

But now, a new report has exposed the Radical Left’s terrifying plan for America.

The current administration has effectively undone all the good of the past president, and they have turned America into a joke for the rest of the world.

This once great nation has been crumbling under the oppressive weight of the Radical Left for years, and now new reports are showing the true extent of the damage.

Across the nation, where the Radical Left is in control, cities and states are becoming wastelands of drugs and crime.

And now, a new study has shown that Democrat-controlled Washington state is the most affected by retail crime in the entire US.

All across the United States, retail theft and other crimes have caused countless stores to shut their doors and close down.

Because of this massive spike under Joe Biden, Forbes Advisor put together a report in December of 2023 to show the data.

The report revealed that under Joe Biden’s radical leadership, 90% of retail small business owners in America have experienced theft and 83% say it is a “significant concern.”

The report also revealed that Washington state, under the Radical leadership of Jay Inslee, is responsible for 48% more retail theft than should be expected based off of their share of the US population.

Overall, Washington is also the third-highest state in value of stolen goods overall, and second in both larceny-theft as well as the larceny-theft growth rate.

The average loss for most retailers was between $500 and $2,500 per month which is shocking.

Because of so much loss, many business owners were forced to raise their prices to further compensate.

This is another factor that the Radical Left refuses to account for…

Their soft-on-crime approach has left businesses vulnerable to all sorts of damages and losses that have forced them to raise their prices.

So even as Joe Biden and the current administration claim the economy is thriving under their leadership (which sounds like the opening to a joke), Americans across the nation know the truth.

The reality is that Democrat leadership is causing this nation to suffer.

The economy is in the toilet, prices are at all-time highs, and millions of Americans continue to suffer under the oppressive regime of Joe Biden.

The Radical Leftist media will throw numbers and reports around all day to try and cover for Joe Biden and protect him, but we know the truth.

Places where the Radical Left is in control, are places where Americans are suffering the most.

We cannot last any longer and we must act now.

America deserves better.

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