Speaker Johnson has a shocking response to Biden’s recent border bungle

Joe Biden has made many recent speeches regarding the problems at the border. And he has made decisions that affect us all.

And Speaker Johnson had a shocking response to Biden’s recent border bungle.

The situation on the southern border is becoming worse by the day.

And more and more politicians are joining together to speak out against the current administration’s inaction.

But recently, Speaker Mike Johnson had a very strong take on the whole situation.

House Speaker Mike Johnson issued a strong response to President Biden’s recent address on the border crisis, calling it “offensive” and highlighting his continued push for executive action and accountability.

Johnson said that he finds the President’s attempt to shift blame for the border crisis to former President Trump and “MAGA Republicans” as offensive and inaccurate.

He emphasized the significant increase in crossings since Biden took office and rightfully argues that placing responsibility solely on Republicans is misleading.

Johnson also pointed out that Biden possesses the executive authority to address the crisis but chooses not to utilize it.

Joe Biden is directly responsible for the crisis at the US border, and his weak attempts to deflect blame do not work.

Johnson stated, “I don’t think anyone is buying it,” in answer to Biden constantly shifting blame.

Not only does Joe Biden refuse to take action now, but there were numerous actions taken by the Biden administration early in its term that directly contributed to the current situation.

Johnson also emphasized the importance of holding the Radical Left accountable for their actions.

He expressed his intention to pursue the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas next week, stating his belief that Mayorkas is the worst cabinet secretary in American history and deserves to be held responsible.

He said, “No one has exacted such a toll and done so much damage to America, and he deserves to be impeached, and it should have been done before now.”

Johnson understands the border crisis is a major concern for Americans nationwide and intends to keep the issue in the public eye.

He highlighted the upcoming Congressional recess as an opportunity for his fellow Republicans to engage with their constituents and discuss potential solutions.

Johnson understands the importance of this issue to Americans, and he emphasized the importance of the issue in regard to this election season:

“I believe that is going to be a large part of the election,” Johnson told Breitbart News.

“To back up a few more feet, it’s really about security in general because not only do we have a wide open border and we’re sacrificing our own national security and sovereignty, we also have the most dangerous time on the world stage since probably World War II.”

He continued, “Why? Because the president is projecting weakness on the world stage. That is precisely the reason our adversaries are acting so provocatively. It’s terribly dangerous for America to not project strength. We project peace through strength. That’s the Reagan doctrine, and that’s what Donald Trump continued. We have to get back to it as quickly as possible because there are conflicts all around the globe.”

America is in a time of massive tumult and Joe Biden and the Radical Left are only making things worse.

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