CNN makes a massive error and Americans finally know the truth

The Radical Left media has been hiding the truth from the public as much as they can. But now all of that has changed.

Because CNN has made a massive error, and Americans finally know the truth.

Anyone with eyes and a brain can see that Joe Biden’s mental decline is extremely severe.

Even more obvious is that he is unfit to serve as President let alone run for a second term.

However, the Radical Left and especially the media have been covering up for him for years now.

But finally, a member of the corporate media has slipped up and shown us the truth of the situation.

A member of the media let slip on air that Joe Biden’s mental state is so severe and obvious that he has taken up the strategy of hiding himself from the media.

During a recent segment on CNN, a reporter was asked about Biden’s decision to once again skip the traditional Super Bowl interview.

Salena Mohsin, who was identified as Bloomberg’s senior Washington correspondent, responded in a way that shocked many and exposed the media.

Moshin said, “[H]im saying no to something that he’s expected to do, a serious interview, he can really get his message out to an audience, just sitting, waiting for him, waiting for his message, is telling. Is it because he can’t handle it?”

This is the question that all of America is asking right now… is it because Joe Biden can’t handle it?

This answer came as a shock to many especially since it came from the Radical Left media CNN.

People were sure that this was a mistake because CNN always covers up for Biden, but now someone has spoken out and exposed some real truth in the media.

This conversation was also related to whether or not there would be any presidential debates this year since it seems Joe Biden cannot even form a single coherent thought on his own.

The CNN anchor said, “I think I’m in the minority on our team in that I am convinced there will be debates, and I don’t see any way there is not. Am I wrong?”

Moshin replied “Look, since 2016, everything we were convinced of, we need to throw out. Maybe it will happen; it will happen for different reasons than it used to.”

Moshin then continued highlighting once again Joe Biden’s severe mental challenges:

“[J]ust look at that clip we just saw. If he is not able to follow the questions, if his staff is worried that he can connect the dots and find the word that he’s looking for, that’s a problem.”

You know things are really bad when CNN starts actually reporting some truth in the news.

Biden’s mental health is so poor that even his own paid-off media corporations are turning on him.

It is conversations and instances such as these that make people more and more worried about Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

We need to wake up and realize what is going on.

America cannot suffer under another second of Joe Biden let alone another four years.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for the TRUTH in the news.

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