One Democrat city is nearing total destruction

Some states have declared states of emergency. Most are panicking.

And now a one Democrat city is nearing total destruction.

As Biden’s immigration policies are crippling Republican and Democrat states alike, many are calling for help.

Biden’s new parole pipeline and border policies are letting in immigrants and illegal aliens into America by the tens of thousands.

As they flood border states and cripple economies along the border, they also are moving to bigger cities as well.

The Massachusetts governor has had to declare a state of emergency dude to the rising number of immigrants flooding her state.

Now the mayor of NYC has warned that the immigration crisis could “decimate” his sanctuary city.

It is ironic that the same states and same officials that supported Biden’s ridiculous border policies are now the ones crying loudest for help.

Mayor Eric Adams also worries that if his city is “decimated” it will have a ripple effect.

“Think about what happened in the last few months. We have created a funnel. All of the bordering states have now took the funnel right to New York City. New York City is the economic engine of this entire state and country. If you decimate this city, you’re gonna decimate the foundation of what’s happening,” states Mayor Adams.

“Look at Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and now you’re hearing the governor of Massachusetts. And so when people say we gave them a $100 million towards a billion dollar bill.”

You know the situation is critical when the strong supporters of Biden and his immigration policies are as desperate as they are now.

Mayor Adams has gone so far as to beg Biden and his administration to declare a national emergency over the border crisis.

In just New York City (not counting the other cities and states suffering), the cost just to house and feed these migrants is billions of dollars.

The Biden border crisis is out of control and even the Democrats know it.

With Democrats now joining Republicans in calling Biden out for his terrible immigration policies, will something now change?

Can the joke administration in the White House acknowledge that there is bipartisan desperation on both sides?

Will Biden and the woke left finally admit that their immigration policies are ruining America?

Most likely not.

But stay tuned to Prudent Politics for any developing updates.

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