Biden promises to keep crippling average American

The economy continues to be terrible. And the lives of US citizens is getting harder.

But Biden vows to keep making life harder and cripple the average American.

This week during a series of speeches in Arizona, Utah, and other western states, Biden has promised he will continue to try and make life even harder for his citizens.

In an effort to capture more votes among young liberals, Biden has taken an increasingly ridiculous stance on climate change and green energy.

In a recent speech in Arizona, Biden stated that he was still “pushing really hard” to cease all drilling on the “east coast, west coast., and in the gulf.”

Joe Biden wants Americans to be reliant on other nations like China and Russia for their energy.

Biden wants to see millions of Americans continue to suffer outrageous gas prices that are destroying families.

Joe Biden wants to destroy tens of thousands of jobs for Americans and cease pipeline work and drilling.

How long will Biden make moves that do nothing to help the American people, but do everything to destroy them?

Our economy is bleeding, and Biden thinks now is the best time to continue to raise prices, cut jobs, and make America reliant on foreign nations.

As our current economic struggles persist and the challenges and hardships faced by American citizens mount, Biden’s commitment to policies that make matters worse is a sign of our current administration.

How can a country with a president such as Biden running it hope to ever be successful?

How are the American people expected to succeed when our President is so dedicated to destroying the economy and the lives of his citizens?

Enough is enough.

Americans across the political spectrum and across the nation are sick of these policies that provide no benefit to anyone but the political elite.

As Biden pledges to make America more reliant on foreign nations, one must also consider who these foreign nations are.

With the slam down on drilling in the US, it forces us to become reliant on not even friendly foreign countries, but unfriendly ones such as Russia and China.

Last year at the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, it proved our reliance on a nation such as Russia for oil drilling was a mistake.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to provide jobs, cheaper gas, and other critical benefits, Biden has decided to repeat the same mistakes and make America even more reliant on un-reliant foreign countries.

This statement by Rep. Pete Stauber encompasses the frustration felt all over.

It is time to hold Biden and his administration accountable for the destruction of American lives. No. It is past time to hold him accountable.

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