Blood is on Biden’s hands and there’s no escape for him

Biden has committed many atrocious acts. But he may have taken it too far.

And now blood is on Biden’s hands and there’s no escape for him.

President Biden has taken it too far by negotiating with Iranian terrorists and paying them billions of dollars in unfrozen assets.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY) says the administration is responsible for “financing terrorism.”

“By giving the Iranian mullahs $6 billion, the Biden administration is responsible for financing terrorism and fueling the continued oppression of the Iranian people” Tenney stated.

Biden paid 6 billion dollars in frozen assets to the Iranian regime in exchange for moving five Iranian Americans from prison to house arrest.

Biden didn’t even pay $6 billion to free anyone… just to move them.

What an absurd idea.

Negotiating with terrorists is a move that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind: this administration is weak and cowardly.

Teney stated, “not only does this show the Biden administration will bow down to terrorists, but encourages terroristic regimes to kidnap more Americans for the prospect of a payoff.”

She is exactly right on this issue. This payout will encourage further terrorism, and it will cement the idea that the current US administration is weak, and that terrorism will go unpunished.

Not only did Biden approve the release of billions of dollars to terrorists, he also released a “handful” of Iran nationals who were imprisoned for violating sanctions in the US.

When a weak president sits in the White House, damage is done, and terrorism is allowed to pass unchecked.

When will the American people and elected officials start to hold Biden accountable for the blood on his hands?

This sum of money will surely go straight into more terrorism and more illegal activity. Biden knows that. The American people know that.

So, when will Biden be held in check?

Iran is a known state sponsor for terrorism (the largest in fact).

This is not just Joe Biden paying people to release American citizens.

It also isn’t an exchange of hostages.

This is a situation where the president of the most powerful nation in the world is knowingly funding terrorism.

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