Biden is in hot water after he was caught freeing terrorists

It’s no secret that Biden has made many questionable decisions. But this is one of the worst.

And Biden is in hot water after he was caught freeing terrorists.

Biden’s border policies have long had issues. Even Democrats have complained about the administration’s immigration and border laws.

Now things are getting well out of hand.

Biden has a parole pipeline that allows immigrants into the US even if they have been declared inadmissible.

In June of 2021, an illegal Venezuelan immigrant attempted to cross the Mexico-US border. He was deemed inadmissible by border patrol agents and given a notice to appear in federal immigration court.

However, even though deemed inadmissible, this illegal alien was released into the United States due to Biden’s parole policies.

In August of 2021, a court in Venezuela released an arrest warrant for this alien on charges relating to fraud, money laundering, association with organized crime, and not least of all: funding terrorism.

Because of Biden’s policies, this illegal alien with ties to terrorism has been living in Chicago, Illinois for the past two years.

On August 8, ICE agents finally arrested the Venezuelan culprit, and he will remain in custody as his deportation proceedings happen.

Thankfully, ICE agents were able to catch up to him, but if they hadn’t, what would that mean for residents living near him?

How many other cases are there like this one?

How many other illegal aliens are crossing into the US and being allowed by President Biden’s policies?

Well, the Center for Immigration Studies actually estimates that 1.4 million other immigrants and illegal aliens have been allowed into the US specifically due to Biden’s parole pipeline.

That is an absurd and terrifying number. Hundreds of thousands of other illegal aliens as well as those who have gotten away have crossed since Biden took office.

These policies are not helping the American people.

Biden’s policies are directly releasing hundreds of thousands and millions of illegal aliens, known terrorists, and other border crossers deemed inadmissible.

Republican and Democrat states alike are buckling under this immense pressure as a direct result of Joe Biden.

With more and more Democrat voices calling for aid and declaring states of emergency, will the President finally listen to the voice of reason?

Or will he continue to destroy the economy and put the lives of legal citizens in danger by allowing more and more illegal and dangerous immigrants into US cities?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as the story continues to develop.

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