Biden economy? Survey says: no

Biden’s economy has always been a disaster. Americans are sick of the same old song and dance.

Now Biden has been hit with a devastating reality check.

In a recent survey put together by Reuters/Ipsos, Americans have made their opinion on Biden’s economy clear.

The US economy is worse now than it was five years ago under Donald Trump’s leadership according to 73% of Americans.

That is a staggering number that leaves absolutely no question as to how Americans feel about Joe Biden’s economy.

Biden’s overall approval rating remains extremely low as well (a record low in fact) at just 38%.

It is no secret that Biden is bleeding America dry.

It is also no secret that he has done an amazing job at destroying our economy, losing jobs, and overall destroying the lives of the working-class Americans.

Now, Biden has nowhere to hide.

As campaign efforts start to ramp up, new polls show Biden with shockingly low approval ratings and terrible polls on his handling of the economy.

Americans have made it clear: fix the economy. Or else.

Many Americans also believe that the economy is the most important issue. More important than pushing gun control, the LGBT woke ideologies, green economies, etc.

Americans are desperate for a change in the economy as life gets harder and harder.

Grocery and gas prices continue to skyrocket.

Enough about these policies that affect only 1% of the population. Fix the economy that affects 99% of the population and that 73% of Americans say is terrible!

In a new survey, only 16% of Americans say that their wages have kept pace with inflation.

As Biden and his administration keep bragging about their economy and policies they are passing that help Americans, the polls are clear: Americans do not feel helped.

As we move closer to the next presidential election, the issue of the economy remains crucial for voters.

If Biden wants to have any chance at a re-election, he needs to act now and act fast.

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