Radical liberal Ilhan Omar makes a disgusting claim ahead of critical Congressional vote

Ilhan Omar is known for her outrageous, false, and disturbing claims. But this time, she has taken it way too far.

And the radical liberal Ilhan Omar made a disgusting claim ahead of critical Congressional vote.

On Tuesday, the House will vote on the SPeakership position, and Jim Jordan is the current frontrunner.

Many Republicans have rallied around him, however, no Democrats have anything good to say about the congressman.

However, one Democrat has clearly taken it too far with her disturbing and vulgar remarks about Jim Jordan ahead of the vote.

On her political account on the platform X, Ilhan Omar reposted a statement from former Speaker John Boehner from 2017.

Omar posted that “Jordan was a terrorist as a legislator going back to his days in the Ohio House and Senate. A terrorist. A legislative terrorist.”

She went on to say “It should be interesting how things go after Republicans elect Jordan Speaker tomorrow. It would certainly bring more chaos in the house and electoral harm.”

Her post received immediate and severe backlash with users on all sides of the political spectrum attacking her for her hateful words.

One user commented saying, “Amazing- your chosen use of language, and the chosen omission of it when it’s real.”

Another user lashed and commented how it was interesting that Omar of all people would be calling someone a terrorist.

“I would not be throwing words like terrorist so lightly. Unless Ilhan Omar is trying to deliberately distort the true meaning of it.

‘Terrorist’ — someone who uses violent actions for political purposes. Example: Hamas.”

Omar has recently refused to attack Hamas for their brutal terror attacks.

As the attacks grew louder and Omar’s post received more and more backlash, she attempted to defend herself by saying, “It’s a quote, not my words.”

However, the response to that attempt was swift as well with people noting “Yes, but YOU chose to post those words. For gods sake can you take responsibility for anything?”

This attack on Jim Jordan by Omar is just another in a huge list of examples of the “tolerant left” being hate-filled and spreading harmful and false narratives in the media.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we bring the TRUTH… not lies.

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