Biden’s newest woke mandate is being imposed on all

Woke ideologies and agendas are taking over this country. And people are being forced to comply by liberals.

And Biden’s newest woke mandate is being imposed on all.

Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services has forced its woke mandates onto all of its employees in its newest move.

They have instituted a policy in which “employees are required to acknowledge their co-worker’s gender identities and use the preferred pronouns.”

The Assistant Secretary for HHS Rachel Levine is a transgender pediatrician who has led the woke agenda of the HHS.

Levine has advocated for surgery and puberty blockers for minors saying hormones and surgeries are “medically necessary, safe and effective.”

In an email sent out to all HHS employees, the department laid out its demands to force all employees to conform to woke agendas.

One Twitter user reports that “This admin really is requiring pure ideological conformity.”

The Radical Left cannot help but impose their ridiculous mandates on free Americans, and they threaten severe consequences anytime someone doesn’t adhere to their requests.

The email was followed up by an email message that detailed that employees would be forced to comply even if it went against their personal beliefs.

The guidance is supposed to “help facilitate inclusive, affirming, and welcoming workplace environments” but it does so by forcing people to go against their beliefs. ‘

Joe Biden continues to hire and promote individuals who identify as LGBT regardless of how qualified they are for a position, and that plays a significant part in how poor the administration is.

Instead of hiring people who are qualified or know things, Joe Biden and his administration continue to hire people like Karien Jean-Pierre who are useless and absolutely unqualified but received their position because of their status as LGBT.

The agenda of the left is not so secret, and it has become increasingly clear that they are forcing more and more into the LGBT world.

They push drugs and surgeries on children who are unable to know what is happening.

But it does not stop there; the administration also forces others to partake in the lifestyle of LGBT even when it goes against personal or religious beliefs.

This is tyrannical and is not legal, and Americans should be pushing back against these terrible, illegal, and unconstitutional policies.

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