Rogue White House official makes insane announcement that will change everything

With the Radical Left doing everything they can to push their destructive agenda on Americans, people are starting to fight back. But this recent situation is different.

And a rogue White House official makes insane announcement that will change everything.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg faced tough questions on CBS’ Face the Nation about the Biden administration’s sluggish progress in building electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, despite a significant allocation of funds for the project.

During the interview, Buttigieg was unable to provide an explanation as to why, despite the $7.5 billion earmarked for EV charging infrastructure in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the administration had only managed to construct only “seven or eight” EV charging stations by April 2024.

This revelation comes as a stark contrast to the administration’s ambitious goal of deploying half a million EV chargers by the end of the decade.

MARGARET BRENNAN: “–obviously it’s resonating for him, because he wouldn’t bring it up so frequently if there wasn’t some anxiety that he’s tapping into. And let me ask about a portion of this that I think does fall under your portfolio and that’s the charging stations you mentioned. The Federal Highway Administration says only seven or eight charging stations have been produced with the $7.5 billion investment that taxpayers made back in 2021. Why isn’t that happening more quickly?”

SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: “So the President’s goal is to have half a million chargers up by the end of this decade. Now, in order to do a charger, it’s more than just plunking a- a small device into the ground, there’s utility work, and this is also, really, a new category of federal investment. But we’ve been working with each of the 50 states, every one of them is getting formula dollars to do this work–”

MARGARET BRENNAN: “Seven or eight, though?”

SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: “–Engaging them and the first handful- again, by 2030, 500,000 chargers. And the very first handful of chargers are now already being physically built. But again, that’s the absolute very, very beginning stages of the construction to come.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: “Right. But- but that gets to the point about not being able to make long-distance travel possible quickly if you don’t have the infrastructure there to support it.”


MARGARET BRENNAN: “So you recognize it should be–”

SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: “Most of the charging infrastructure right now is being provided by the private sector. The reason that we’re investing federal dollars is to fill in some of the gaps in areas where it is not yet profitable for the private sector to do it. Now, again, the majority of charging will happen at home …”

The Left claims that the slow progress has been attributed to various factors, including local zoning restrictions and bureaucratic red tape.

However, critics argue that the administration has not done enough to streamline the process, particularly when compared to the Trump administration, which was known for cutting regulatory hurdles to expedite projects.

Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators have been quick to point out the administration’s failure to deliver on its promises, highlighting the disconnect between the allocated funds and the tangible outcomes.

The issue of EV infrastructure is crucial, especially as the Biden administration continues to push for a transition to green energy and electric vehicles as part of its broader climate agenda.

Former President Donald Trump was known for his aggressive approach to eliminating bureaucratic obstacles, a strategy that many conservatives argue should be adopted by the current administration to accelerate the deployment of EV charging stations.

Trump’s policies focused on reducing regulatory burdens to facilitate quicker implementation of infrastructure projects, a stark contrast to the current slow-moving process under Biden.

To meet its goal of 500,000 EV chargers by 2030, the Biden administration will need to address these challenges head-on.

This includes cutting through the red tape that has hampered progress and ensuring that federal investments are effectively utilized to build the necessary infrastructure.

Secretary Buttigieg’s appearance on Face the Nation has shown the American people just how much time and money the Left is wasting in order to push their Radical Agenda.

With billions of taxpayer dollars sunk into this absurd push already, and with little results to show from it, Americans are infuriated.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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