Speaker Mike Johnson has made one move that has Democrats steaming mad

Mike Johnson has already made a number of surprising comments since he was appointed as Speaker of the House. But no one was expecting him to say this.

And Speaker Mike Johnson has made one move that has Democrats steaming mad.

Speaker Mike Johnson informed the New York Post that House Republicans would be using their power to force Democrat cities to obey immigration laws.

Speaker Johnson told the newspaper, “I’m certain that will be one of our proposals, and it should.”

Democrat “sanctuary cities” stop the federal government from being able to enforce immigration policies and laws and these “sanctuary cities” cause massive problems and headaches for citizens and government officials alike.

Breitbart reports, “The cities’ secession from federal law also creates havens for illegal migrants, spikes crime against Americans, and also allows employers to cut wages, spike rents, and sideline millions of working Americans.”

Republicans will demand that these “sanctuary cities” but Democrats are clapping back and demanding $5 billion in aid to these cities because of their self-inflicted immigration crisis.

Johnson stated, “The idea that you would maintain a sanctuary city status and then cry out to the federal government for assistance in what you’ve done is, to me, unconscionable.”

Johnson has also heavily criticized Joe Biden’s border chief Alejandro Mayorkas for his terrible policies that have caused extensive damage to the nation:

“What he has done is just inexcusable, because these are policy decisions … [His flood] is terribly destructive to our country in so many ways — six million people-plus have been apprehended at the border, 1.7 million getaways. Fentanyl has just led to an absolute catastrophe; the leading cause of death is overdoses for Americans aged 18-49, human trafficking, enriching the cartels, it goes on and on and on. And all of that traces back to their policy decisions.”

Democrats are fighting back against any sort of restrictions on immigration, but they are simultaneously demanding aid for the immigration problems they have caused.

The Democrat mindset is a nightmare and it is one that is certain to destroy the country more than it already has, and the American people need to understand the severity of the problem.

Recent polls show that immigration is the top issue for many Republican voters, many swing states support a border wall, and even many Democrats are crying out for help due to the sever issues.

Breitbart reports that “Since 2021, Mayorkas has used his various catch-and-release loopholes to invite roughly six million southern illegals into the United States, alongside at least four million legal immigrants and legal visa workers.”

The immigration issue is one that is wreaking havoc on Americans, it is destroying the economy, and it needs to be addressed.

Republicans are hopeful that there will be major wins during the year-end funding fights and Democrats will be forced to concede on the issue of immigration.

America has suffered enough under the terrible laws and policies of Joe Biden and his Radical Leftist administration, and the American people have had enough.

Speaker Mike Johnson has shown his willingness to address the issue and his seriousness about cracking down on Democrat loopholes.

Now, the American people need to wait and trust their elected officials to vote with the people, and if not, they need to be voted out of office.

The American people are fighting back against the Democrats’ destructive policies and their horrible ways of leading.

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