Ted Cruz goes scorched Earth on this idiotic Democrat program

Cruz has made a name for himself by not compromising his conservative values to play nice with the Left. Now he’s calling out their tricks once again.

And Ted Cruz went scorched Earth on this idiotic Democrat program.

Senator Ted Cruz has requested backup from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to help investigate issues that he suspects stem from diversity hirings.

There have been numerous “near misses” and “fatal mistakes” in the FAA recently that have caused many people to wonder about the reason why.

And Senator Ted Cruz believes that these issues and mistakes are related to diversity policies and improper hiring practices and that they need to be investigated.

Ahead of a Senate Committee Hearing on Thursday, Ted Cruz wrote to the GAO to request an investigation into recent “near-misses” and help determine whether or not they are the cause of Obama-era woke hiring policies.

Obama’s woke policy “prioritized diversity over graduates of air traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) programs, which resulted in thousands of qualified applicants leaving the controller pipeline,” according to Breitbart.

In his request to the GAO, Cruz wrote, “After the FAA adopted the BQ and began favoring ‘off-the-street’ hiring over graduates of air traffic CTI programs, thousands of qualified applicants left the controller pipeline.”

The BQ (biographical questionnaire) “reportedly awarded more points for applicants who scored lower in science and were unemployed during the previous three years” according to Cruz.

He also said, “The BQ has never been made public, but it also reportedly asked applicants about their favorite music and colors to learn more about an applicant’s background.”

Once again, the Radical Left’s destructive policies have been put on full display and the harmful repercussions are being felt by the entire world.

The Radical Left’s agenda actively harms people, and because of their policies promoting “diversity” and “equity” people’s lives are also endangered.

Ted Cruz has been urgently requesting Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg to address the FAA’s inability to handle concerns and issues.

Buttigieg has seemingly prioritized woke policies and agendas over actual good hiring decisions or beneficial changes.

Breitbart reports, “The secretary appointed 24 diversity advisers, installed a senior labor adviser to give unions direct access to the FAA administrator, and perhaps most notably worked to change the ‘Notice to Airmen’ (NOTAM) notification designation to ‘Notice to Air Missions’ instead of making much-needed changes to the outdated system itself.”

In January, the NOTAM system failed and led to Buttigieg ordering a full halt to all airspace for the first time since 9/11.

Buttigieg has overseen countless failures, issues, and mishaps since taking the post, and his popularity has tanked due to the number of high-profile incidents under his control.

He also has been faced with heavy scrutiny due to his handling of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

The Radical Left has continuously shown that they are more worried about hiring minorities, or their diversity and equity policies than they are about the safety of the American people.

Ted Cruz is right in demanding answers and changes, and the American people feel the same way.

No one really cares whether or not their administration is black, brown, blue, pink, or orange, we just want competent employees who will take care of us when we put our lives in their hands.

The Radical Left needs to understand this, and if they continue with their harmful practices, need to be held accountable.

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