Terrifying new report shows what’s really going on at the border

Everyone knows that Joe Biden’s border is terrible. He is letting in illegal immigrants and terrorists into our country left and right.

But now, a terrifying new report has shown what is really going on at the border.

Joe Biden’s border security is quite possibly the worst in the history of the country, and even with top officials in his own party begging him to help, Biden continues to let things worsen.

A new report issued by Chairman Mark Green of the House Homeland Security Committee shows that the number of illegal aliens at the southern border under Joe Biden has surpassed the number of annual US births.

According to the report, since Joe Biden took office there have been 6.5million illegal aliens at the southern border whereas the annual US births is only around 4 million.

Green highlighted that “it may be a new fiscal year, but we’re still stuck in the same historic border crisis.”

During the Biden administration and under the leadership of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 6.5 million illegal alien encounters have taken place at the southern border, and over 2 million of those are classified as “ known got-aways.”

“Known got-aways” are classified as aliens who have successfully entered the US undeterred by Border Patrol agents, and experts claim the number is much higher than 2 million.

All together across all of the US borders, the number of illegal alien encounters is closer to 7.8 million which is a staggering number and one you will not hear in Radical Liberal propaganda.

Chairman Green had a chilling warning for the Democrats responsible for this madness.

“These are catastrophic numbers across the board … I want to make this very clear to Secretary Mayorkas: Accountability is coming,” he said.

Estimates from as long ago as June have claimed that there are around 17 million illegal alines residing in the US, and these illegals are costing American taxpayers around $163 billion annually.

However, that number does not include jobs lost because of illegals, higher cost of housing, lower wages, etc.

The reality at the Southern Border is far more severe than the media is trying to portray, and as long as Democrats are in charge, the situation will only continue to get worse.

Democrat Mayors, Governors, and other higher Democrat officials have acknowledged the problem and admitted that the situation is dire, however, Democrats have control of much of the government and still refuse to fix the problem.

The future of America is doomed if we expect Democrats to fix problems that they have created, so it is time to vote them out of office.

Americans are suffering and much of people’s suffering can be tied to the massive influx of illegal aliens flooding our country.

The American people have had enough and we have woken up to the secret agendas of the Radical Left, and we will not let them continue their horror unchecked.

Joe Biden and his entire administration are the most corrupt in the history of our nation, and we must remove them from office.

The future of America is at stake and we must not take the matter lightly.

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