These disgraced Democrats were just trapped in their own web of lies

It is no secret that Democrats can be liars and cheats. They call themselves the party of the people, but nothing is further from the truth.

However, these disgraced Democrats were just trapped in their own web of lies.

Recently, news outlets have been covering the indictments of former President Donald Trump.

Democrats especially have been more or less gloating over the indictments, and Hillary went so far as to laugh at Donald Trump in an interview last week.

The Democrats cannot hide their glee. They are ecstatic that Trump is facing so much legal backlash.

However, they seem to have a memory problem.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton, the then-Democrat candidate for president, refused to acknowledge Trump won the election.

Mrs. Clinton, Stacey Adams, and countless other key Democrats have been denying every Republican presidential winner since 2000.

No Democrat has yet been prosecuted for challenging election results, but when Donald Trump does it, he faces a 41-count indictment in Georgia.

The hypocrisy here is unbelievable.

This case is no longer about elections, results, claims, etc.

This is a politically motivated and well-coordinated attack on a former President to stop him from reaching the Oval Office again.

The prosecutor in Trump’s case has made it clear that she would like to have the trial be at the most inconvenient time for Trump and right around Georgia’s general election date.

It is clear that Democrats do not care about the truth, justice, honesty, or integrity.

Instead, they care about reducing their competition and continuing to let the American people suffer.

In a time when states are burning, gas prices are outrageously high, grocery prices continue to climb, and housing is more expensive than ever, instead of doing anything to help Americans, the Democrats are using their power to prosecute a former President.

The people are frustrated and feel entirely uncared for.

When the “party of the people” forgets about the people, and instead turns into a bumbling group of hypocrites, people get upset.

When Trump was elected President in 2016, there was a huge investigation into corruption and collusion with Russia.

Trump was investigated heavily and for years, yet no evidence ever turned up against him.

When Trump investigates similar issues and doubts the validity of an election, he gets indicted on absurd charges.

What sort of joke times do we live in?

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