Biden just proved he doesn’t run the White House with one fateful decision

President Biden’s inability to serve is becoming more and more apparent. He may have already given up the reins of power.

And Biden just proved he doesn’t run the White House with one fateful decision.

Joe Biden has made it clear where his priorities are.

He has no care or sympathy for the American people, but instead is concerned only with himself.

Last week, Biden was on a beach vacation and gave a “no comment” reply when asked about the rising Maui death toll.

Americans and especially Hawaiians were outraged by this response.

Joe Biden has made it clear he has no interest in helping during the crisis in Hawaii.

Now, Joe Biden has gone on yet another vacation instead of visiting Maui.

As the death toll reaches 114 people, and rises everyday, Biden is taking yet another vacation in Nevada.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Joe Biden has spent 360 days on vacation since he has taken office; that is nearly 40% of his entire time in office.

Now, even as America burns and millions suffer, Biden yet again proves who and what he cares about.

This should be an eye-opener for all Americans.

We have a president in the White House who has no care for his country or his citizens.

Instead of making it a priority, Biden decided that he and Jill will take a break from their vacation and visit Maui Monday.

Hawaiians feel alone and uncared for as Biden is clear that he would rather be on vacation than caring for his country.

When will Biden wake up and understand his job as President of the United States?

Will Biden ever care for the American people or will he continue to forget about them and let them suffer needlessly.

Nearly 850 people are still missing because of the tragic fires and firefighters, first responders, and even locals are scrambling to provide help and aid.

The locals are doing more to help than the government has at this point, and many worry that the little hope they do get will be purely for media attention.

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