This Republican has a plan to force Biden to build the wall

Joe Biden’s southern border crisis is spiraling out of control. Someone has to step up and do something before it gets worse.

That’s why this Republican came up with a plan to force Biden to build the wall.

As soon as Joe Biden took office, he put a halt to all of Trump’s policies to secure the southern border and build out security to maintain control.

As a result, border crossings are at all-time highs and Texas in particular is being overrun with illegal immigrants crossing the border at will.

Some Republicans are trying to gameplan in advance for if they take back the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate under GOP control.

That’s a distinct possibility as well considering the U.S. House is being heavily favored to go to Republican firm control and the Senate could truly go either way.

One of the critical races involves the Ohio Senate race where the Republican nominee J.D. Vance is taking on Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan.

J.D. Vance is also one of the Republicans thinking of ways to secure the border even under a lethargic Biden rule.

Vance has said that Republicans need to be willing to go to political war with Joe Biden to secure the southern border, at all costs.

One of the ways he’s suggested doing that is by withholding votes on funding the federal government if Joe Biden and the Democrats refuse to include substantial legislation to get the illegal immigration issue under control.

“Republicans, we need to have a fight over the border wall,” he told supporters at a rally. “And we need to be willing to say to Joe Biden: ‘You don’t get another dime for your priorities unless you do your job and enforce and secure the southern border.'”

“We have to be willing to use the leverage that we will have with congressional majorities to actually force Joe Biden to do some of the core functions of the federal government,” Vance added.

“One of the things we have to be willing to do as Republicans is force the conversation on border security. It’s killing way too many people.”

Vance doesn’t appear to be alone in this fight either.

Kari Lake, the Republican running for Arizona’s governor’s office, has said that she would use her authority to declare an invasion on the AZ southern border and complete what Donald Trump started to do by building the wall.

Polls show that Democrats carry next to zero trust from American voters on handling immigration issues and the security of the southern border.

With that being a major concern this election season, it could see Republicans take back total control of Congress.

Biden will be forced to play ball with Republicans on this issue of securing the border, or the Democrat’s chances of winning in 2024 would be thrown out the window.

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