This state just moved to criminalize law-abiding citizens with this awful act

America is quickly becoming more and more outrageously liberal. And things are getting out of hand.

Because now this state just moved to criminalize law-abiding citizens with this awful act.

In a disgusting move that reeks of elitist overreach and nanny-state paternalism, Washington Democrats have unveiled a legislative monstrosity:

A bill seeking to ban gas-powered landscaping equipment and imprison violators for up to a year.

Pre-filed by State Representative Amy Walen, HB 1868 cloaks itself in the green garb of fighting climate change, but beneath the surface lies a brazen power grab, criminalizing everyday activities and punishing hardworking citizens for daring to maintain their lawns with tools they rely on.

This assault on our liberty begins with a ban on “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment,” wielding the nebulous threat of “contributing to climate change” as the justification for throwing people in jail for blowing leaves.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

While Washington Democrats bemoan emissions from your lawnmower, they remain strangely silent about the carbon footprint of private jets whisking the green elite to climate conferences or the environmental impact of the tech gadgets they clutch so dearly.

Their hypocrisy isn’t the only target of scorn.

The bill’s claims about health consequences, citing “unintended health consequences such as asthma” as a reason to criminalize leaf blowers, are unsubstantiated fear-mongering at best.

Millions of Americans use these tools safely and responsibly every day, without succumbing to some invented epidemic of leaf-blower-induced asthma.

Adding insult to injury, the bill grants itself a convenient escape clause.

Government agencies and their contractors are exempt from this draconian ban, enjoying the privilege while ordinary citizens face jail time for tending their gardens.

This blatant double standard reeks of elitism, suggesting that the rules for the green-blooded rulers are far different from those for the ordinary citizens they govern.

Even the carrot they offer through temporary tax breaks for “zero emissions landscaping equipment” feels hollow.

By 2030, those carrots will have withered, leaving the burden of expensive electric tools on the backs of ordinary people.

And what about those who cannot afford these luxury replacements? Are they to abandon their lawns and let nature reclaim their property, simply because they can’t afford to comply with the whims of these green tyrants?

Washington Democrats’ crusade against leaf blowers is not about climate change; it’s about control.

It’s about expanding their power, criminalizing common activities, and creating a society where they dictate every aspect of our lives, from the tools we use to the grass we trim.

This bill is an affront to liberty, a slap in the face to hardworking Americans, and a stark reminder that the green agenda prioritizes power and control over personal freedom and common sense.

We must not let this tyranny take root.

We must rise up against this overreach, demand our lawmakers respect our liberties, and remind them that in America, it’s the people, not the politicians, who decide how we live our lives and tend our lawns.

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