Judge strikes down unconstitutional bill in major win for America

The Left doesn’t care about the Constitution. They’ll do anything to accomplish their agenda.

But now, a judge has struck down an unconstitutional bill in a major win for America.

In a resounding victory for Second Amendment rights and common sense, a federal judge has struck down California’s draconian gun control law, Senate Bill 2 (SB2).

U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney, appointed by President George W. Bush, issued a scathing rebuke of the law, calling it “sweeping, repugnant to the Second Amendment, and openly defiant of the Supreme Court.”

This landmark decision sends a clear message:

California’s attempt to dismantle the fundamental right to self-defense by banning guns in virtually every corner of public life cannot stand.

Judge Carney rightfully recognized the absurdity of targeting law-abiding citizens, particularly those who have undergone rigorous vetting and training to obtain concealed carry permits, while ignoring the true source of gun violence: criminals who flaunt the law.

As Judge Carney astutely observed, “legislation regulating [concealed carry] permitholders — the most responsible of law abiding citizens seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights — seems an odd and misguided place to focus to address those safety concerns.”

This point directly contradicts Governor Newsom’s hypocritical claim that he’s defending “common sense.”

What could be less common sense than disarming responsible citizens while criminals run amok?

Governor Newsom’s characterization of this decision as “outrageous” reeks of desperation.

He clearly understands that his attempt to usurp constitutional rights through legislative overreach has been thwarted.

SB2 wasn’t about “data-backed gun safety efforts,” as Newsom claims, but about chipping away at the Second Amendment through backdoor means.

Meanwhile, Chuck Michel, president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association, rightfully celebrated the judge’s decision.

He aptly exposed the California government’s tactics, stating, “California progressive politicians refuse to accept the Supreme Court’s mandate from the Bruen case and are trying every creative ploy they can imagine to get around it.”

The court, however, saw through their gambit.

This victory should be a wake-up call for those who prioritize individual liberty and constitutional rights.

California’s blatant disregard for the Second Amendment and fundamental freedoms has been rebuked.

Now, it’s time for other states and the federal government to take notice and follow suit.

We must continue to fight for the rights of law-abiding citizens and ensure that self-defense remains a viable option for those who choose to exercise it responsibly.

The Radical Left will not stop their attack on Americans and our rights, and we must not stop our fight for the very soul of this nation.

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