New report details Biden’s shocking act he’s done to save himself

Joe Biden has failed this country more times than anyone can count. But now this report shows just how bad things are.

Because it details Biden’s shocking act he’s done to save himself.

A new bombshell has dropped in the saga of the Chinese spy balloon that drifted across the American heartland this year, exposing a brazen attempt by the Biden administration to keep the public and Congress in the dark.

According to an NBC News report, the White House initially planned to let the balloon sail through our skies undetected, raising urgent questions about transparency, national security, and the President’s commitment to the American people.

This revelation shatters the administration’s narrative of swift action and decisive leadership.

Instead, it paints a disturbing picture of an administration willing to prioritize political optics over national security, choosing secrecy over the right of the American people to be informed about threats to their safety.

The details are chilling:

An internal phone call on January 27, as the balloon traversed American soil, allegedly exposed the White House’s shocking plan: “study it and let it pass over and not ever tell anyone about it.”

This calculated silence, if true, is an unconscionable dereliction of duty.

Had it not been for public sightings and media pressure, the American people would have remained blissfully unaware of a foreign power gathering intelligence on our most sensitive military sites.

While the administration now attempts to backtrack, claiming their silence was solely to protect “intel equities,” the damage is done.

The trust already eroded by months of inflation, foreign policy blunders, and domestic turmoil has shattered further.

How can we believe a president who prioritizes secrecy over accountability, and who puts political expediency above the safety of his own citizens?

This episode isn’t merely a case of bungled crisis management; it’s a symptom of a deeper malaise.

It exposes a troubling pattern of the Biden administration operating in the shadows, sidelining Congress, and treating the American people as uninformed onlookers rather than engaged citizens.

Remember President Biden’s promise to bring “transparency and truth” back to the White House?

It now rings hollow, echoing off the deafening silence that initially surrounded the Chinese spy balloon.

This incident demands a full and swift investigation.

We need answers about the White House’s true motives, about the extent of the intelligence compromised, and about the steps being taken to prevent such brazen incursions from happening again.

The American people deserve a president who leads with honesty, courage, and a commitment to national interest.

The Chinese spy balloon saga is a stark reminder that, far from fulfilling these promises, the Biden administration may be operating with a hidden agenda, one that prioritizes secrecy and political survival over the safety and security of the American people.

America is not safe with Joe Biden leading us. It is time to vote this fraud out and elect a president who will save America.

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