Top Democrat shocks all by denying constitutional rights to law-abiding Americans

Democrats are known for their illegal and awful policies. And Democrat states are a terrible place for its citizens.

And top Democrat shocks all by denying constitutional rights to law-abiding Americans.

The New Jersey Attorney General has beyond crossed the line in his most recent announcement.

He has pledged to deny his citizens their Second Amendment rights.

He has announced a new program in which spent shell casings will have an identifier stamped on them by new technology.

The tech uses the firing pin to imprint a unique identifier on the spent shell casings in a supposed attempt to solve “unsolvable” gun crimes.

However, there are two major flaws with this technique of gun control (besides it infringes on the people’s right to hold and bear arms).

The technology has no effect on revolvers, so criminals can just use revolvers, and also the same technology has been attempted before…with terrible results.

Maryland has tried this same tech for 15 years and spent over 5 million dollars before scrapping the project because it did not help or work.

Despite all of this, AG Platkin remains optimistic regarding this effort.

“This amazing yet straightforward technology – imprinting unique identifiers on the firing pin of firearms – will have a profound impact on public safety across the state.”

He added that it “will aid our law enforcement officers in swiftly identifying crime guns and holding perpetrators accountable.”

The NRA has been quick to debunk the myth that micro-stamping will have any effect.

Even if it does work, which it does not always as the tech can be quite faulty, the stamp can be erased in a matter of seconds with common hand tools.

Regardless of the technology or whether it works or not, this new motion just furthers Republicans’ resolve.

The Democrats are taking things too far.

Impeding on a citizen’s right to bear arms uninfringed upon is directly against the Constitution. It is directly against what America stands for.

Democratic mayors and governors across the country have made it clear though:

They do not care about their citizens or their citizens’ rights.

It is time to vote these frauds out of office.

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