What Trump just revealed to Tucker Carlson will utterly stun you

The race for President is well underway. But this could throw a wrench in the whole process.

But what Trump just revealed to Tucker Carlson will utterly stun you.

During a 46-minute interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Wednesday night, Trump had a significant amount to say regarding his political rivals.

He spent time blasting GOP presidential candidates, Joe Biden, and also the criminal charges he is facing.

This impressive interview aired just a few minutes before the presidential debate, so many viewers were catching up on both.

While GOP hopefuls were taking to the stage to argue why they should receive the nomination instead of Trump, Trump was speaking on the same topic.

Trump said he did not feel the need to share the stage and that he didn’t “think it’s the right thing to do.”

Trump also made surprising statements such as calling Chris Christie a “savage maniac” and Asa Hutchinson “weak and pathetic.”

While many share his sentiment, the statements came as a shock to others.

Trump also continued to emphasize that Mike Pence “had the absolute right to send the votes back to legislatures.”

Trump said, “I haven’t spoken to him in a long time. I was very disappointed in him.”

Donald Trump remains the strong frontrunner for the GOP primary race.

Every poll, both state and national, make it clear that Donald Trump has a strong lead.

And while his rivals were attempting to convince the public otherwise, Donald Trump made some excellent points according to many.

Trump emphasized the illegitimacy of the legal claims against himself claiming his indictments are “all bull****.”

Even while Trump was tearing into Joe Biden for his terrible economy and awful handling of the recent Hawaii tragedies, the current administration was trying to save themselves.

The administration claimed that the interview was just a “softball” event in order to push “wild, debunked conspiracy theories” and “out-of-touch positions.”

While some mush-brained liberals might agree, many Americans feel the interview was extremely successful and that it allowed Donald Trump to speak.

Even though Donald Trump did not even attend the debate, many critics and supporters alike are proclaiming Donald Trump as the clear winner.

Many Americans believe that only Donald Trump can go toe-to-toe with Joe Biden and remove him from office.

Even though Donald can sometimes have a brash way of saying things, many Americans feel his boldness and love for America is exactly what is needed in the White House.

Whether or not people love or hate him, Donald Trump is a strong character that many hope can bring America back from the brink of destruction.

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