Top Democrat went on MSNBC and made eyebrow-raising claims about Joe Biden

Some within President Biden’s party are starting to sour on him. But no one saw this coming.

Because a top Democrat went on MSNBC and made these eyebrow-raising claims about President Biden.

Republicans in the U.S. House believe they are getting closer every month, every week, and every day to having enough evidence to impeach President Joe Biden.

They don’t want to just impeach him and have the articles of impeachment fail in the U.S. Senate like the phony impeachment charges against Trump did.

They want to ensure that the U.S. Senate does not have any cover to run and hide from the truth of the Biden family crimes.

The Democrats, of course, are extremely nervous about the possibility of Joe Biden being impeached within the next twelve months because he is already an extremely vulnerable incumbent U.S. President.

That impeachment may be enough to turn independents away from Biden and towards the eventual GOP nominee who will likely be either Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

When asked about the possibility of impeachment for Joe Biden during an appearance on MSNBC, House Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi completely dismissed the idea and criticized Republicans for even looking under that rock.

“How do you feel about the push by the House Republicans – many of them – the Speaker certainly you know certainly flirted with this idea of impeachment proceedings against President Biden because of unfounded allegations that he was involved with his son Hunter’s businesses?” the MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi responded saying that the Republicans were entertaining “frivolous” ideas of impeachment and that they were using “divisionary” tactics before saying that the Republicans don’t have anything “to offer the American people.”

Though, the MSNBC host Mitchell didn’t let Pelosi off the hook so easily.

She asked Pelosi about the fact that she was absolutely behind the impeachment articles being brought against Trump even though those were just as serious charges as ones that would be brought against Biden.

She also highlighted how Republicans may simply be exercising caution in impeaching Joe Biden because once that can of worms is open, there’s no putting it back.

“As you well know, you were very cautious about starting impeachment proceedings for the very reason that once you start in a special committee or the judiciary committee, it’s very hard to stop that process,” Mitchell said to Pelosi.

Though, Pelosi didn’t seem to care at all. She tried to accuse Republicans of “changing the subject.”

They have to change the subject, and they have nothing to offer the American people in terms of jobs and the rest. They talk about it, but then they change the subject when it’s time to deliver,” Pelosi said.

She then went on to ramble about Joe Biden’s “economic success,” which very few Americans can tangibly feel right now.

What’s interesting about Pelosi bringing up Biden’s record on the economy is that the polls of American voters are not kind to Biden on either the economy or corruption.

Only roughly 30% of Americans “approve” of Joe Biden’s handling of the U.S. economy, meaning a vast majority think he’s doing a poor job.

Furthermore, polls show that upwards of two thirds of Americans would like to see Joe Biden impeached if the corruption of Hunter Biden is proven true.

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