Top lawyer releases stunning statement about Trump indictment

Many political talking heads are weighing in on the Trump fiasco. But none as big as this one.

Because a top lawyer just released a stunning statement about the Trump indictment.

Americans are watching with bated breath to see how the Donald Trump indictment situation plays out over the next several weeks.

Of course, Trump has his enemies who are saying he’s just being “held accountable” for his actions.

Meanwhile, many conservatives have been coming out in support of Trump calling the indictments from the Manhattan grand jury a sham and an attack on our justice system to target Trump.

You may be curious what a respected lawyer and constitutional scholar thinks about the Manhattan DA’s actions, because ultimately, this will be a battle played out in the legal space rather than a purely political one.

Such a lawyer has in fact now weighed in, and his answer doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

Mark Levin is one of the most well-respected constitutional scholars and lawyers in the nation, and that includes his colleagues who disagree with him politically.

Levin weighed in on the Trump indictment situation saying that the attempts to indict Trump were a “war” on conservatism. He also said that the Manhattan DA should be “disbarred.”

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Levin said that this is the time for conservatives and the Republican party to come together to fight the Democrat Party’s nonsense.

“Every Republican in the country, every conservative in the country — I don’t care what kind of conservative you are — we must circle the wagons and defeat the Democrat Party,” Levin said on Fox News.

“… this is a battle where the Democrat Party has now dragged the country into tyranny,” Levin added.

Levin continued on, saying that the Democrat Party is the party of “Pravda”, which was the official newspaper for the communists in Soviet Russia.

“Now, they want to decide who the Republican nominee for president will be,” Levin ranted. “The Democrat Party is the party of Pravda, it’s the party of Stalin.”

Then Levin argued that Alvin Bragg, the New York County D.A., should be held accountable for this injustice and “disbarred” altogether so they can never use their legal status to target anyone else unfairly ever again.

“Their D.A.s are out of control. Alvin Bragg should be disbarred. Rather than wringing our hands, let’s take some action.”

Lastly, Levin noted that the reason this is ultimately happening is because it benefits Joe Biden and the Democrats in the 2024 election because Trump is the leading candidate.

Joe Biden is an extremely vulnerable incumbent with awful approval ratings and he could very well lose to Trump in a 2024 rematch.

“The only person this benefits doesn’t benefit justice, it benefits Joe Biden. That’s it,” Levin finished.

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