Top Republican Governor makes the ballsiest move that has Leftists crying

The Democrat Party never saw this loss coming their way. But it’s rocking them to their core.

Because a major Republican Governor made this ballsy move that has Leftists foaming at the mouth.

Iowa is a critical state that interests both the Democrats and the Republicans greatly for the 2024 election.

The Republican primary gets kicked off in Iowa with the caucus there that will take place on January 15th next year.

The Democrats, on the other hand, want to try to flip the state back blue after it has seemingly grown to be more red in the past two elections with Donald Trump winning it by about 10 points in both 2016 and 2020.

Simply put, all eyes are on the state right now with the 2024 election heating up and both parties digging their heels into this cycle to set themselves up for political success in the decade to come.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the spotlight is on, politicians will simply cower in fear of making any move that they think the Washington, D.C. Swamp won’t approve of or one that will anger independent voters.

This is usually the case with RINO Republican politicians like Mitt Romney who seemingly shut down entirely anytime there’s a major election cycle.

So when Iowa’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban abortion after six weeks into a pregnancy, the pressure was definitely on for Republican Governor Kim Reynolds.

Kim Reynolds has talked a big game about being a defender of Life and a bulwark for conservative values in Iowa. Was she going to fold and expose herself as yet another RINO who can’t deal with the pressure? Or was she going to stick to her guns like her conservative base wants her to?

Well, just hours after the Iowa House of Representatives passed the bill, the Iowa senate passed it as well. The bill would now go to Kim Reynold’s desk in the Governor’s mansion for a signature.

And what did Kim Reynolds do? She gave pro-Lifers something to cheer for as she took to Twitter to cheer on the bill, indicating that she will be proudly signing the pro-Life bill.

She even took pictures with the courageous men and women involved with seeing the bill passed through the Iowa legislature to get it to her desk.

Naturally, the Democrats in the state lost their minds and borderline called for violence after the bill passed.

Democrat state Rep. Jennifer Konfrst called for her constituents to “fight like hell” and said that the Republicans are “going to see why they’re wrong.”

“They’re going to see why they’re wrong. We’re doing this in the summer because they want us to forget,” Konfrst said to a crowd of protesters.

“We’re going to fight like hell today. We will show up. We will stand up. And I need you all in this fight,” she continued.

As for Governor Kim Reynolds, you have to give her credit. She could have folded and been exposed as just another RINO in a growing list and history of them.

But she didn’t. She showed herself to be true in wanting to defend the sanctity of Life no matter how outraged the radical Left wants to become.

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