Trump is laughing his head off at this embarrassing Biden blunder

Joe Biden likes to think he is for the people. But everything about him proves otherwise.

And Trump is laughing his head off at this embarrassing Biden blunder.

All across the nation, auto workers are planning a nationwide strike.

And Joe Biden recently took a trip to Pennsylvania to give a Labor Day speech.

The state is a swing state widely compromised of American workers typically in the blue-collar environment.

Yet, as he arrived in Philadelphia, Joe Biden said he was “not worried about a strike” and that he didn’t “think it’s going to happen.”

It is clear that Joe Biden does not care about these workers who are so clearly struggling and are facing extreme hardships.

Since Joe Biden took office, his policies have been anti-family, anti-America, and anti-hard workers.

Even though he tries to claim he supports unions and workers, it is clear by his actions that he does not care at all.

Yet Trump has always been pro-America and pro-workers.

And his actions line up with his words.

When Joe Biden took office, he immediately canceled the Keystone pipeline and took thousands of American jobs out of the picture.

But when Trump took office, he kept jobs in America, saved the economy, and made life better for the average American.

During a speech in response to the auto-workers strike, Trump had a few things to say regarding the situation and how Joe Biden has handled it.

“What’s happening to our auto workers is an absolute disgrace and an outrage beyond belief,” he said, adding that they are “getting totally ripped off by Crooked Joe Biden and also their horrendous leadership.”

Trump went on further to say, “Biden has imposed the outlandish requirement that 67 percent of all new vehicles must be electric in less than ten years. That means Michigan and places that make cars, you can forget about it. You better get your union working because you can forget about it. Those cars are all going to be made in China.”

Trump used the opportunity to advocate for a leader who will support America and support the autoworkers.

Trump said, “Vote for Republicans…vote for Trump,” because “if we don’t win this election, our country, not only in terms of auto workers, our country will go to hell.”

The president of the United Auto Workers was shocked by Joe Biden’s flippant response.

And when Biden said he was “not worried,” the UAW president said that Biden “must know something that we don’t know of.”

It is clear that Joe Biden does not care about the state of the nation or the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It is time for him to get voted out of the office.

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