Trump issues a stark warning of an impending terror attack

The threat of terrorist attacks is higher now than ever. The Radical Left is trying to cover things up, but the truth will always come out.

And Trump has warned of an impending terror attack.

The recent surge in Chinese nationals apprehended at the US-Mexico border has become a major point of contention, igniting a complex debate fueled by concerns about national security, economic impact, and potential political implications.

Former President Donald Trump’s recently warned that the influx of Chinese nationals could have a very negative effect on life in the United States.

He even went so far as to warn of an impending terror attack:

He said, “I believe so, and I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack. 100%.”

These comments warning of CCP involvement and potential terrorist threats have further intensified the conversation, highlighting the need for nuanced analysis, responsible reporting, and a search for evidence-based solutions.

Data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) paints a stark picture:

Over 24,000 Chinese citizens were apprehended at the border in the past year, dwarfing the combined total of the previous ten years.

This dramatic increase has naturally triggered alarms, with officials and commentators offering various explanations.

Some have attributed the surge to China’s strict COVID-19 policies, prompting individuals to seek better economic opportunities or escape perceived government overreach.

Others, including former President Trump, have advanced more alarming narratives, hinting at potential CCP orchestration and even suggesting a “national security threat.”

Furthermore, CBP officials themselves attribute the increase to a combination of factors, including changing migration patterns, increased smuggling activity, and potential misinformation campaigns targeting vulnerable populations.

The debate over the Chinese border influx extends far beyond mere numbers.

Many Americans are particularly concerned about the potential security risks associated with irregular migration, including human trafficking, organized crime activity, and potential entry of individuals with malicious intent.

This concern is amplified by the lack of transparency from the Chinese government and the possibility of CCP involvement in facilitating migration for ulterior motives.

Texas officials, for instance, have raised concerns about cartels charging exorbitant fees to smuggle Chinese nationals, highlighting the potential for exploitation and abuse.

The issue of the Chinese border influx reignites the debate about the economic impact of undocumented immigration.

Concerns exist about potential job competition and wage depression, particularly in industries with lower pay scales.

Additionally, some argue that increased immigration strains social safety nets and public services, raising concerns about fiscal responsibility.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever is happening with the massive spike in Chinese border crossing of military-aged men, we must remain vigilant, and we must protect our nation.

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