Trump just made one statement that has left Democrats infuriated

Trump does not hold back when addressing supporters. This time things were different.

And Trump just made one statement that has left Democrats infuriated.

Donald Trump is not known for his unifying rhetoric since his America-first beliefs typically go directly against the Radical Left.

However, during a recent rally in New Hampshire on Veterans Day, Trump urged the American people to unify… even Democrats.

Trump declared that the left was involving the United States in countless wars that they had no business being in, and he highlighted how he would fix that.

He said, “Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or Independent, and if you don’t want your sons and daughters drafted to fight and die in distant foreign lands that many of you have never even heard of… then you have to vote for a gentleman named Donald J. Trump.”

He warned that these global wars that Biden has involved the United States in are “needless” and they “never end.”

He stated, “They go for years. 21, 22 years in Afghanistan think of it, 21 years, too bad it carried out that long. We were coming out of Afghanistan. You know I’m the one who got it down to 2,500 troops.”

He reminded the people that he had withheld the United States from any new wars and that he had strengthened the military.

“I fully rebuilt the US military, I created Space Force, and I was the first President in decades who didn’t start a war. Instead, I got us out of the endless wars and brought our troops back home.”

Trump also claimed that the Abraham Accords had “brought peace to the Middle East” and then highlighted how Joe Biden had failed to add a single new country to the accord.

He called the current administration “incompetent” and said, “Look, Biden is the most corrupt and most incompetent president in the history of our country.”

Under Joe Biden, the US has sent hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine and has promised to give Israel “everything they need.”

Trump managed to keep the US out of wars and was able to simultaneously strengthen the military and provide benefits to veterans.

The American people need a strong leader who will keep us from having to send our children away to fight in foreign wars.

Instead, we are stuck with a corrupt mentally unfit president who seems bent on sending people to die in wars overseas.

It is time for the American people to take the power back and vote out the corrupt administration that is sending America into a downward spiral.

Trump’s message of unification is terrifying to the Radical Left because they know it will mean the end of their oppressive regime.

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