Trump’s newest promise leaves Democrats scared out of their wits

Donald Trump has promised many things if he retakes office in 2024. Many of these things are exciting to the American people and promise nothing but prosperity.

And now Donald Trump’s newest promise to voters has left Democrats scared out of their wits.

As the auto workers strike continues, more and more auto workers are fearful for their jobs in Joe Biden’s economy.

As more and more liberal policies and regulations are passed, more and more cities and states are attempting to ban gas vehicles.

Joe Biden is attempting more EV mandates in the auto industry and it is crippling our economy and costing the jobs of tens of thousands of auto workers.

In a recent video message to striking auto workers, Donald Trump promised that he would repeal the electric vehicle mandates of Joe Biden.

Trump stated, “I will repeal Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and I will do everything in my power to achieve a drastic reduction in the cost of a new car. I will get the prices way down so that you can afford the lifestyle your family deserves.”

He also warned that unless he repealed the mandates, their jobs would be gone within two years.

Trump said, “Within two years, you’re not going to have a job. I’m going to bring back jobs. I’m going to bring back the manufacture of automobiles in our country.”

Trump also used the opportunity to highlight skyrocketing prices and rightly blamed Joe Biden for those as well.

He said, “Car prices are up nearly 30% since I left office with the average new car now costing an astonishing $50,000 and more.”

He claimed that this was a “war on American automobiles and it’s a war on the American family and a war on the American dream because it really is.”

Donald Trump’s highlights are scaring Democrats because he is doing what they cannot: appealing to the American people and winning votes with “America first” rhetoric.

Democrats want to focus on themselves and their mandates and restrictions, while Trump has been traveling the nation promising to put the people first.

That is exactly what people need and want to hear right now: America and Americans first.

In a time where the average American is struggling in almost every way, Donald Trump is highlighting how he is going to help make our lives better.

He is showing us solutions instead of presenting more and more mandates and restrictions that will only continue to drive prices up.

This sort of rhetoric is what is going to win the White House… not Joe Biden mumbling, bumbling, failed policies, and air conditioning bans.

Instead of proposing bans on straws, cups, or bags, Trump is promising to undo bans on gas-powered vehicles and other outrageous things that Biden has tried to ban.

Trump said, “Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and his insane fuel economy standards … are forcing car companies to drastically raise prices and even eliminate their affordable gas-powered models altogether which people want.”

He also warned that “to comply with Biden’s mandate, automakers have no choice but to push consumers toward their ultra-expensive electric models. And if they don’t, they’re punished with hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.”

Trump’s speeches are honest and appealing and they are exactly what the American people want to hear right now.

This is the sort of thing that Americans want and need.

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