Tucker Carlson exposed the Democrats’ master plan for America

Democrats are attempting to inject wokeness into everything they can get their hands on. But they crossed the line with their latest scheme.

And Tucker Carlson exposed the Democrats’ master plan for America.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, reparations for slavery have gained steam in the Democratic Party.

Radical left-wing California Governor Gavin Newsom formed a first-of-its-kind “Reparations Task Force” to devise a means for black Californians to get paid to rectify what Democrats call the “housing wealth gap.”

“We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,” Jovan Scott Lewis, a Berkley professor, and task force member claimed.

Democrats have campaigned for Congress to adopt a “reparations study,” but the bill has yet to gain much traction.

California argues that discriminatory housing regulations in the Democrat-controlled state are causing black residents to lose wealth.

The task committee is investigating who should receive California public money and how much they should receive, which is leading the plan to an unsettling place.

According to outside consultants, the state might pay more than $200,000 per recipient, costing the state at least $559 billion.

Only black residents whose ancestors lived in the country throughout the nineteenth century were considered to be eligible by the task team.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News blasted California for the irrationality of its reparations scheme.

“It’s been a long time — it’s been more than 150 years since slavery,” Carlson said.

“So at this point, there are plenty of white people in America who are descended from slaves, and there are plenty of black people in America who are descended from slave owners.”

The great duration of time that has elapsed since slavery has tripped Democrats up regarding who should be eligible for reparations.

Some left-wing activists want it for all black citizens, regardless of ancestral ties to slavery.

“So how do you know who qualifies for government reparations?” Carlson inquired. “Well, of course, there is only one way to find out: that is old-fashioned Nazi race science.”

Carlson said that under the California proposal, the only method to ascertain if someone was a slave decedent would be Orwellian DNA testing, which would allow California to “certify” someone as qualified for the scheme.

“Do we really want to go there?” Carlson asked. “Do we really want to do that? Amazingly, liberals really do.”

California’s reparations program would allow Democrats to demonstrate their “wokeness,” but it’s really just more evidence that they’re the true bigots.

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