Tucker Carlson played one video that left Nancy Pelosi red with rage

Democrats attempted to include the attack on Paul Pelosi into the final message of the midterm elections. But now they received some terrible news.

Because Tucker Carlson played one video that left Nancy Pelosi red with rage.

On Friday, NBC correspondent Miguel Almaguer provided an update on the attack on Paul Pelosi on the Today Show.

According to Almaguer, Paul Pelosi was at home for 30 minutes with 42-year-old mentally ill illegal alien and nudist campaigner David DePape before police arrived.

Even more alarming, Almaguer said that when police arrived, Pelosi answered the door without saying anything about an emergency, did not try to leave the residence, and strolled back towards DePape.

Only then, according to Almaguer, did the two start fighting, and DePape bashed Pelosi in the head with a hammer.

This investigation called into question the official version presented by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the corporate-controlled media, and the Democratic Party.

NBC, on the other hand, promptly removed the footage from its social media pages and website.

On his show that night, Tucker Carlson highlighted how strange everything was and said that NBC “Epsteined” the report, which means they deliberately killed it so no one knew the truth.

Carlson said that the only reason for doing this was because Nancy Pelosi demanded it, and the study shattered the Democrats’ narrative about the attack.

According to Carlson:

After watching the story on the Today Show this morning, you could only conclude, as Elon Musk put it, there’s a tiny possibility there might be more to the story than meets the eye. Do you think? Now we know for a fact there was more to the story because NBC news has Jeffrey Epsteined the entire thing.

NBC deleted Almaguer’s story both from its website and from Twitter. Why did they do that? Obviously, they did it because the report was true. There’s no question.

Carlson went on to state that he contacted NBC for comment, but they refused to explain why the tape was suppressed.

“We called over to NBC news today for their explanation for why they censored their own story, but mostly, if we’re being honest we wanted to rub their nose in the fact they’re not journalists all, but obedient throne-sniffing servants to the Party in power and predictably refused to tell us what was wrong with their story,” Carlson concluded.

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