Democrats are going mental after one Democrat admitted defeat

With millions of votes to tally, we still don’t know the full election results. But the Left doesn’t like their chances.

And Democrats are going mental after one Democrat admitted defeat.

America is about to find out just how big the red wave is going to be, but few people have any doubts that it will be big.

Democrats have spent the past few months ensuring they do everything in their power to throw this election.

Whether it’s pushing inflation to historical levels that eat away at people’s wages…

Or opening up the country’s entire southern border to millions upon millions of illegal immigrants, the Democrats have shown just how out of touch they truly are.

It’s gotten so bad that even some in the mainstream media are waving the white flag of surrender.

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen expected dismal results for her party, blaming them on their own failure to “listen to voters” in the weeks and months building up to Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Rosen spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” panel, led by Dana Bash, and projected that Democrats would have “a bad night” on Tuesday, owing to their failure to tailor their election message to the issues that voters indicated were most important, notably inflation and the economy.

Rosen began by saying that while she considered herself a “loyal Democrat,” she was not pleased with the path her party’s leadership had taken in recent weeks.

“I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy. I just think that we are — we did not listen to voters in this election and I think we are going to have a bad night,” Rosen began, noting that there fate was sealed.

“You know, this conversation’s not going to have much impact on Tuesday, but I hope it has an impact going forward,” Rosen continued. “Because when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them! Stop talking about democracy being at stake! Democracy is at stake because people are fighting so much about what elections mean. I mean, voters have told us what they wanted to hear, and I don’t think Democrats have delivered this cycle.”

CNN’s Bakari Sellers jumped in, claiming that while national messaging had gone awry, there were some Democratic candidates running solid elections and focused on what their communities wanted, including Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

However, Rosen said that while there were Democratic candidates who were somewhat popular, there were equally Republican candidates who were popular in their own right or who were buoyed in part by the fact that Biden was not popular.

“Mark Kelly is popular,” Rosen agreed. “But Kari Lake is more popular. And the combination of Kari Lake’s popularity and Joe Biden’s unpopularity is going to hurt Mark Kelly. And so I think we’re going to — we’re in trouble because of the top of the ticket.”

While no one will know for certain how badly the Democrats are off after this election yet, it isn’t looking good.

And when your allies in the media are throwing in the towel for you, you know you’re in trouble.

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