You won’t believe which Democrat just claimed to be God

There’s no doubt that Democrats believe they’re better than conservatives. But now they’ve gone too far.

You won’t believe which Democrat just claimed to be God.

Since Joe Biden’s speech demonizing “MAGA Republicans” as a threat to democracy, Democrats have been more vicious than ever before.

Gone are the days of arguing over tax rates or whether we should cut welfare programs. Democrats are now pushing a radical agenda of gender ideology, critical race theory, and the destruction of every founding principle of America.

And anyone who disagrees with them is automatically labelled as a “white supremacist,” “bigot,” or even Satan himself.

In fact, that’s just what one Democrat candidate did down in the great state of Florida.

Democrat Charlie Crist is running head-to-head with Ron DeSantis for the governorship, and in a leaked video from a campaign event, he equated DeSantis with Satan.

“This is an election about decency, about being decent to one another, about being kind to everyone,” Crist said. “It’s called a Florida for all. You know, we got a divider on the other side [DeSantis] and a uniter over here [points to himself].”

“You know, some people call him ‘DeSatan,’ have you heard that?” Crist continued.

But that wasn’t far enough for Crist. He went further by claiming himself equal with Jesus Christ.

“DeSatan vs. that [points to a campaign sign of his last name.”

“Christ,” a few in the audience responded. “Oh, think about it,” Crist said. “The choice is crystal clear. There’s no question about it. It is crystal clear. He’s bad. We’re good.”

“Charlie Crist has always been self-absorbed, but comparing himself to the second coming of Jesus Christ is a new level of bizarre delusion,” a spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign told The Daily Caller. “He’s beyond embarrassing — and it’s only September.”

It would be funny if this was just one wacko going off the rails. But it’s not.

Just days ago, DC Daily Journal reported on CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah equating conservatives with the terrorists who took down the twin towers on 9/11 and Donald Trump with Osama Bin Laden.

And with Biden slandering all Trump supporters as “extremists,” this is only going to get worse.

Democrats aren’t hiding it anymore. They want you and your family to know that if you don’t walk in lockstep with their radical agenda for America, then you are as bad as bloodthirst terrorists or even that you are Satan incarnate.

With Leftists peddling such radical rhetoric, who are the real extremists? Who is the real threat to democracy?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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