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Biden suffers devastating loss that could upset the whole race

Joe Biden has been framed as the Democrat’s top candidate. However, it seems the truth is very different. And Biden has suffered a devastating...

Nancy Pelosi ruthlessly mocked for idiotic statement

Pelosi and Biden have been thick as thieves for years. But she's not doing him any favors now. And Nancy Pelosi ruthlessly mocked for idiotic...

Biden told to sit down and shut up by this key Democrat

Many have wondered who really runs the show in the Biden White House. Now we have our answer. And Biden was told to sit down...

Donald Trump blindsides top Republican with ruthless statement

Former President Trump wants nothing more than to get back in the White House. He's willing to do anything to make that a reality. And...

Donald Trump is furious about what DeSantis just did to him

Trump versus DeSantis is proving to be a major showdown. Tensions are already heating up. And now Donald Trump is furious about what DeSantis just...

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