House GOP leaders win massive victory and expose top Democrats’ election scheme

The radical Left continues to point fingers at conservatives for voting anomalies. But new evidence proves the exact opposite. And House GOP leaders have won...

U.S. Congresswoman gets attacked by the mob in shocking turn of events

The political polarization in this country has reached a fever pitch. Now no one is safe. But now, a U.S. Congresswoman got attacked by the...

Republicans deal historical blow to Biden and it could be the end for his whole family

The corrupt Biden family has escaped justice for a long time. But now, it seems that things might be over for them. Because Republicans have...

Rumors of Democrats’ decision to replace Biden have shocked the nation

There has been widespread speculation that the Democrats will replace Joe Biden. But new evidence has completely exposed their plans. And new rumors of the...

Leading Democrat makes shocking media demands that violate Constitutional rights

The Radical Left does not care about the rights of Americans. But this new violation has shocked everyone. And a leading Democrat has made shocking...

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